Happy life

why it’s hard to be happy ?

Happiness is such a thing that everyone wants to have in life, everyone always wants to happiness in life, but they can not done as they want. Whatever we do in life, we do it to be happy, but being happy all the time is also not an easy thing, but if we want to adopt some other things, then we can lead a happy life by eliminating the wrong thinking.

Generally, there are many types of personalities found in the society. Everyone has their own way of living life. That’s why everyone has their own way of being happy. Some people in the society give preference to social relations. For some people money or wealth remains at the top. At the same time, some people are more attracted towards power in the society, while some remain eager for knowledge. Everyone has their own inclinations and attractions. Those who give importance to money think that money or wealth is the only means to be happy in life. Money can buy all happiness. But this is not true because the experiences of the world are on the contrary.

according to a study of National Center for Social Research involved 8,250 people. The people involved in the study were asked what is most important to be happy? To find out right answer, 60 types of questions were put in front of them, which were mainly related to finance, job, sleep, relatives, friend-friend and family relations. On the basis of this study, an attempt was made to identify some broad reasons for a person to be happy in life. In this, the conclusion emerged prominently that the most important thing to be happy in life is entertainment and Peaceful & rest.

Actually, the psychology of happiness works in a different way and it varies from person to person. Being happy is a psychological activity. Experience shows that some people are not happy even when everything is going well. If you do not understand yourself and the psychology around you, what understanding and mood people live around you, then you cannot be comfortable or happy. Sometimes you will find yourself feeling very frustrated and negative. As soon as negativity takes you in its lap, sorrow and stress start entering your life.

Generally human life is governed by some simple and eternal rules and our behavior patterns decide the psychology of happiness. The practice of imbibing from thinking to behavior and lifestyle can keep us away from stress and help us to be happy. There are some remedial practices of daily living behavior that will keep you mentally healthy and happy as if. How do I keep you happy here? Ways to be happy and live a happy life we are sharing some ways by which we can be happy and bring happiness in our life.

Keep in mind that being happy is your basic responsibility

The first and foremost responsibility of a human being is to be a happy creature. Being happy is not an extreme aspect of life. This is a basic aspect of life. If you are not happy, what can you do in your life? Once you are happy, then other great possibilities open up.

Whatever you do, you are expanding and awakening your inner qualities. Whether you like it or not, this is the reality. Unless something important happens within you, you cannot do anything very important to the world. So if you are worried about the world, the first thing you should do is transform yourself into a happy being.

Recognize that happiness is your basic nature

No matter what you are doing in your life, whether it is business, power, education or service, you are doing it because somewhere deep within you there is a feeling that it will bring you happiness. Whatever we do on this earth, we do it with the desire to be happy, because that is our basic nature. When you were a kid, you were just happy. That is your nature. The source of happiness is within you, you can make it a living experience forever.

Evaluate importance of things

sorrow mainly happens because most of the human beings have lost the right attitude towards this life. we have made your needs more important than the creation of the creator. This is the basic source of all suffering. We have lost a complete understanding of what it means to be alive here. A thought that comes to your mind or an emotion in your mind determines the nature of your experience at the moment. And it may be that your thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with the limited reality of your life. The whole creation is happening in a wonderful way but just one thought or feeling can destroy everything.

Start your day with lovely smile

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile. on whom? not on anyone. Because you waked up, it’s no small thing. Millions of people who slept last night didn’t wake up today. so smile when you wake up. Then go outside and look at the trees. feel the nature and love. make thanks of god to be have these all lovely thing in our life free of cost.

Give proper direction to the comparative point of view

It is human nature that we often or unwillingly compare ourselves to other people: sometimes our children, our family, our work, our lifestyle. In the modern information society, the media have further emphasized this value and stimulated the individual in this direction. The pressure of comparability has increased in the current era. Common people also start comparing themselves with others in the involvement of social media and start living in sorrow and stress. Therefore, develop a comparative attitude according to your needs and nature, only then you will be able to develop a happy life-philosophy.

Be responsible to yourself

It is the basis of psychology that the individual should be responsible to himself. If we want to live a happy and joyful life then this is the first condition that we have to be responsible to ourselves. Your accountability to the world is not that important, but you have to answer yourself every day. When you yourself start avoiding things related to your life, then understand that you are moving towards great disappointment and stress. You have to ‘justify’ yourself in any case. Only then can your morale and confidence remain and your happiness too.

Avoid the Extra Effort to Prove Yourself

Most of the troubles we face in our lives are created by ourselves. Often the causes of great stresses are not big ones. The result of small factors is that they consume a large part of our energy. A person takes care of his small ego and makes it so big that in order to prove himself, he concentrates all his efforts on that cause. He spends the energy sources of his life in efforts that do not make any sense in the broad sense. Unnecessarily we are bent on leading a stressful life. These unwarranted continuous efforts to prove themselves on some odd thing keep the life of the person tense. So always keep in mind; Never make extra effort to prove yourself to anyone. Nothing is more important than you or your happiness.

Try to give respect to all

Respect in life is a natural need of every person. This is a common need that must be fulfilled by all. That is why in all societies the norms and values ​​of respect have been determined on priority. The requests for their observance have also been kept acute and necessary. It is also said that honor and charity are things to give in the society. In return for them, you get automatically. If we respect others, others will also respect us. Giving respect to a person is the easiest way to satisfy his ego. Both the giver and the taker feel happy. Hence respect is a social means of being happy and keeping happy. Everyone must respect everyone – to make a happy world.

Take control of redundant information and contacts

Today’s era is known as information society. We are living in a flood of information. The flow of information is so fast and sharp that it is not possible to choose between right and wrong. It is difficult to understand what is necessary for an individual or society and what is non-essential. The result is that the person is leading a doomed life carrying unwanted and unintentional tensions in the heart and mind. We are entangled in meaningless and pointless information and contacts that have nothing to do with our lives even remotely. The vast majority of our stresses and mental pressures are imported from such information and contacts that have no utility or relevance in our lives. To be happy, we have to practice the automatic method of identifying and sorting redundant information and contacts that keep us away from them in auto mode.

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