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WhatsApp launched some new feature to increase user experience better

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. for better services for users, the company brings new features. Apart from this, the company is also testing several features in its beta app for Android and iOS. Soon, these features will come in your WhatsApp. We are telling you about 5 features that have recently come up in WhatsApp and they will make the user experience better and efficient. user will enjoy and likes new features of WhatsApp.

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Fingerprint lock

WhatsApp has as of presented unique mark confirmation includes in its Android beta application. This feature is now accessible on iOS. That is, users using iPhone can open their WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID. It will before long be accessible to all Android clients after the presentation of the unique finger impression validation includes in Android Beta. The application will likewise enable users to conceal their talks from notices. To turn on the unique mark lock highlight in your Android cell phone, you should initially go to WhatsApp Settings. After this, the record should go to Privacy once more. You will get a unique mark lock highlight in Privacy.

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Continuous voice notes

This new feature of WhatsApp is also very useful for the user. Earlier users had to listen to them one by one when they received many voice notes from their contacts. However, now a new feature has brought in WhatsApp, now if you have many voice media files, then they will play continuously one by one. That is, you no longer have to play every voice notes or voice media file.

Group Invitation

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new Group invites feature. This feature allows you to set your privacy settings in such a way that only people in contacts can add you to groups. Now people involved in contacts will not be able to add you directly to the group. When your contact will add you to a group, you will get an invitation to join the group, whose expiry limit will be 72 hours.

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Frequent Forwarded Feature

WhatsApp brings out the Frequent Forwarded feature this month. With the help of this new feature, the messaging app will be able to tag messages that have been forwarded more than five times. but Messages forwarded more than 5 times will have a different mark for now day lot of rumors are spared in socially by WhatsApp and that becomes the cause of riots. WhatsApp wants to alert users about the fast-spreading fake news on its platform with the help of this feature.

Private voice notes

There is a feature of voice notes in WhatsApp, which most people are not aware of. If you have not installed earphones, you can still listen to voice messages privately. Users only have to start a voice note or message and keep their smartphone close to the ear. When you do this, WhatsApp? brings the audio from the loudspeaker to the earpiece.

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