What is Aerobic, how is it done, advantages of Aerobic?

Exercise means moving the entire body or a particular part of the body in a uniform rhythm at certain times and in certain proportions, awakening the muscles, bones, and blood transport from sleep, stimulating, accelerating their functioning. but it is seen that when a disease occurs, people consider it to be a waste of time until a doctor is instructed to go for a specific exercise or walking at a brisk pace in the morning. Only two-four percent of people understand the importance of exercise, but they are also unable to do regular work. There will be only one percent who are regular towards exercise.

Nowadays a lot of people do a lot of fitness. Some people consider going to the gym for fitness is a good idea. But, people who do not want to go to the gym or for some reason are unable to go. Aerobics exercise is also a good way for them. Aerobic means oxygen. While doing aerobic exercises, the heartbeat and breath become very fast.

Aerobic exercise

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Aerobics is the best exercise to lose weight or to stay fit. If you consider the gym to be a bore or not interested in lifting heavy weights, then aerobics exercise is very good for you. Exercising aerobics daily will keep you away from heart disease as well as other diseases. In aerobic exercise, a trained trainer teaches exercise on particular music. we can also do aerobics while sitting at home. Aerobic exercise is an exercise like other exercises to keep the body fit. In this article, today we will share what is aerobic exercise, types of aerobic exercise, how to do aerobic exercise, what are the advantages, benefits, and disadvantages of aerobic exercise. The practice of aerobic exercise is very much associated with our daily lives. For example, if we go dancing or swimming or take a quick stroll in the morning and climb steep stairs, then it means that we are doing aerobic exercise.


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Types of Aerobics

  • skipping rope
  • Walking or walking
  • Jogging/running
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Sports aerobic

till nowadays rope jumping was considered a child’s play. But, now it is a part of aerobics exercise. Jumping rope leads to full-body exercise, which reduces both body fat and weight. Walking, walking or walking is also a part of aerobic exercise. How fast you walk depends on your body’s ability. You do not even need any special equipment or equipment for this. Just start your walk by wearing shoes. You can walk anywhere. Walking in the morning benefits our health more. This relieves many diseases like obesity, diabetes, depression, etc. Taking a walk not only reduces your weight but also makes you feel more refreshing. Jogging is an activity that not only reduces weight but also increases our internal force. Daily you can go jogging anywhere. Dancing is also a type of aerobic exercise. Dancing style can be any such as Zumba, belly or tap dancing, etc. To reduce obesity, Zumba dancing is becoming very popular nowadays. You can do this at home, dance class or gym anywhere. Swimming is also a type of aerobics exercise in which the whole body exercises are done simultaneously. This method is great for losing weight and staying healthy. You can swim in any swimming pool, pool or lake anywhere. Sports like roller skating, golf, basketball are also the same type of aerobics exercises. Aerobics exercise also exercises the whole body, which reduces weight and makes the body healthy.

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Benefits of Aerobics

Talking about the benefits of aerobic exercise, then in aerobic exercise, blood circulation in our body is done properly. In addition, the muscles of our body work together. Aerobics exercise reduces your body fat and makes your body shapely. Not only this, the walking or jogging we normally do is also a part of aerobics exercise. The biggest benefit of adopting aerobic is that it is a fun way to exercise, which will not let you get bored at all. Aerobic is not only beneficial for your physical health, but it is also a very effective exercise for your mind, which is the body And keeps both minds healthy.

There is no break in this exercise in terms of weight loss. This is a great way to lose weight in a short time. If the mood is bad, or if you get angrier, then aerobics is a good option for you.

  • Aerobics keep our Heart Healthy and active.
  • Aerobics helps in controlling blood sugar.
  • Aerobics helps to cure Asthma disease and also prevent Asthma
  • Helps to body and mind balance
  • Aerobics helps to sleep disorders patient to get rid of Sleep Disorder
  • Aerobics helps to control body weight

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