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WATER, the elixir of life

The entire country is battling the water crisis. If the water is not preserved, then it will have to fight. To save water, we all have responsibility. For this, all have to come forward. At one time our country was the richest in the matter of water. When there was royalty, the water problem was diagnosed by using well and puddle. Thereby, the thirst of the animal-bird was extinguished, along with it was very useful for agriculture. But the blind race of development has transformed ponds, canals, and ponds into luxurious emotions. By which the sources of water almost went dry. Survivable water is also on the verge of drying. No special attention was paid to the ponds in the villages. The wells are going dry. People have begun to resort to the handpumps and the submersible pump. More and more people are becoming more affordable.

River in Himachal Pradesh

Slowly, his life sources are being snatched away from the abyss. At some time, there was a pond and well are a status symbol in the area. There were thousands of wells in the number. In every village, there were ponds and ponds in the number of four or five in large numbers. But due to lack of supervision, both wells and ponds went away. The effect of the drought has increased, it is just an example of water taping. Modern water resources have swallowed wells and ponds. For every irrigation, there was an arrangement in every village and in the rainy season, the water collected and collected in the rain was carried out through fields. But due to pumpset and boring, the dependence on ponds and wells was reduced and more of the exploitation of geothermal water began to increase. Due to neglect, the area of ​​ponds is also shrinking

While roaming in villages, you will be able to see many dry ponds in the middle. They do not have water and they have become a pasture of cattle. The pond was considered to be a point of prestige and thousands of people, who have the capacity to perform Yagya in villages, will still be available today. Wells are almost hidden. Even on the occasion of marriage, there is a shelter for dirty and closed well for worship.

Ancient Water Well

After the independence of the country, 5177 cubic meters of water was available per person in 1951, but in 2011 it declined to 1,545 cubic meters since the cities and metropolitan cities have so far developed in an unplanned and disorganized manner, The need and the proportion of its availability were ignored. Social scientists KK Jain said that water availability per 1000 grams per person per year in India was 3.4 thousand cubic meters in 1951. Water storage in the country is 200 cubic meters per person per year, which is a matter of concern in terms of consumption. In Norway, water availability is 8036 cubic meters per year, 5000 cubic meters in the US and 3223 cubic meters in Australia. In China, water availability per person per year is about 2000 cubic meters. Jain said that the situation is worrying because in 1050 the average consumption of water per person in the world was 1000 cubic meters per year, which increased to 3600 cubic meters in 1980. The report of Sahastradhara, a body connected with the water sector, states that out of 41,000 cubic meters of water per year flowing in rivers of the world, only 14,000 cubic kilometers can be used. In this 14,000 cubic kilometers, even 5000 cubic kilometers of water pass through such places where there is no population and if there is even then it is not enough to use.

ancient pond in himachal
ancient pond in Himachal, Raja Ka Talab

Thus, only 9,000 cubic kilometers of water is used by the entire population of the world. There is no system in our country for storage of rainwater and a large part of the rainwater goes into the sea. There is so much water shortage that a state is borrowing water from another state. From Haryana to Punjab, Andhra Pradesh has a water agreement with Tamilnadu from Kerala and Puducherry, from Telangana. Due to the state of drought, there is also a reason for the dispute. He is ready to fight against each other for the split. Among them, there is also a fight between rivers and rivers. Water dispute is not very old. In a way, it can be said that no state can extinguish anybody’s thirst for help. The circumstances have become very serious.

The struggle for water is increasing day by day. In such a situation, the government and society will have to work together to form an effective plan to deal with them. how to increase the level of groundwater, the government needs to take necessary and concerted steps by resorting to science and technology. Ponds need to be dug for storage of rainwater in villages. It must be done in every Gram Sabha. Ponds also have to be enriched with water. For water harvesting, there is a need to execute more checkdamming and construction projects. Encroachment in the area of ​​ponds must be stopped. There is a need to give more water to the rainwater. If the long-term efforts are not made to deal with the water situation now, then there may be a state of catastrophe in the coming time.

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