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Saudi Arabia’s announced: Tourist visa will be issued to Tourists

Saudi Arabia announced that it is going to give an online tourist visa for the first time. Saudi Arabia will now issue tourist visas to promote tourism. Saudi Arabia made this announcement on the occasion of World Tourism Day. Saudi Arabia wants to increase the count of travelers in the country. there are thousands of travelers come to Saudi Arabia every year. it is good news for whose they want to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia now wants to reduce its dependence on oil to further its economy. Saudi Arabia’s income will increase with increased tourism and provide a Saudi Arabia tourist visa. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has presented the Vision 2030 program for this. In his Vision 2030 reform program, tourism has been the main focus.

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Online tourist visa of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is going to start applying for online tourist visas for citizens of 49 countries. Women travelers will also get a special facility to promote tourism. Saudi Arabia will abolish strict dress code rules for foreign women.

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According to the new rules, female tourists will not have to cover their faces in Saudi. But they only have to wear decent clothes. In Saudi Arabia, the target is to provide driving licenses to about 3 million women by the year 2020.

Earlier, in Saudi, visas were issued only for workers coming from abroad, their families and Muslim pilgrims going to Mecca-Medina. Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khateeb called the decision historic and said that they would be shocked to see what we have to show to tourists. We have five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, magnificent local culture and natural wealth. Most part of the country is desert but then there are the soaring, juniper-clad, 3,000m- (9,900ft) high mountains of the Asir in the south-west, the azure reefs of the Red Sea, the date palm. Jeddah is a famous attraction point of Saudi.

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Best Place to Visit Saudi Arabia


Jeddah is the port city of the Saudi Arabian located near the Red Sea, is a modern commercial hub and gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. It is the second (first capital is Riyadh) of Saudi Arabia and the largest city of Makkah. Jeddah is famous for Resort hotels, beaches, and outdoor sculptures.

Asir Mountains

Asir region is a popular attraction point of Saudi Arabia. Valley has a lot of amazing constructed house fo locals. for seeing the beautiful beautiful plains of this captivating mountainous region, people from all over the world arrive. the mountains of Asir are reputed to have a view of the Tihama valleys and to have many parks that attract tourists and nature lovers who can roam under the trees, enjoying the beautiful weather and clear air The hill is filled with the fragrance of flowers. The mountains of Asir have also been reputed to enjoy the highest average rainfall in Saudi Arabia.

Mada’in Saleh

Mada’in Saleh is a remarkable place in Saudi Arabia. This is the Hijaz, accent structure can be seen there. Mada’in Saleh, also called Al-Ḥijr or “Hegra”, is an archaeological site located in the Sector of Al-`Ula within Al Madinah Region in the Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. A majority of the remains date from the Nabatean kingdom.


al-hofuf is famous for date palm that covers a vast area of eastern Saudi Arabia. the amazing view of the lush green world of streams and gardens can be seen here. But the really spectacular attraction here is the ghostly cave complex inside al-Qarah Mountain, registered in 2018 as a Unesco cultural heritage site. the destination also famous for natural caves, carved by wind and water erosion. this place is a little cold then while Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom Tower

A building called ‘Kingdom Tower’ is being built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is also known as ‘Jeddah Tower’. It will be the tallest building in the world at more than 3,280 feet. It will be about 600 feet higher than the Burj Khalifa. The Kingdom Tower can basically be said to be an initial step in the US $ 20 billion megaprojects.

Kingdom Tower

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World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia

  • Al-Ahsa Oasis (2018)
  • Al-Hijr Archaeological Site (Madain Salih) (2008)
  • At-Turaif District of ad-Dir’iyah (2010)
  • Historic Jeddah (2014)
  • Rock Art of the Hail Region (2015)

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