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Tomato – Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits

Tomato has special significance in Indian cuisine. It is used as a vegetable, in salads, soups, chutneys and even as a beauty product. Tomatoes are found sufficient amounts of vitamin C, lycopene, vitamin, potassium. In addition, cholesterol-lowering elements also contain adequate amounts. It is also very beneficial for those who want to lose weight, but the biggest feature of tomatoes is that even after ripening tomatoes, its nutrients remain.

Indian tomato

Nutrition Fact (100 Grams)

Energy: 109kj/26kcal
Fat: 0.5g
Saturates: 0.1g
Carbohydrate: 3.6g
Sugars: 3.6g
Fiber: 1.3g
Protein: 1.1g
Salt: <0.01g
Vitamin C: 15mg(19%NRV)

Types of Tomato

Cherry TomatoRoma Tomato
San Marzano TomatoKumato Tomato
Better Boy TomatoCampari Tomato
Raf TomatoCherokee Purple Tomato
Black Krim TomatoEarly Girl Tomato
Celebrity TomatoGreen Zebra Tomato
Brandywine TomatoBig beef Tomato
tomato soup

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Benefits of Tomato

  • Nutrients found in tomatoes, such as alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene, choline, folic acid, beta-carotene, and lutein, protect you against prostate cancer.
  • Nutrient tomatoes are extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women need abundant nutrients and vitamins for a healthy baby, for which tomatoes are a better option. Vitamin C works to keep both mother and child health, which is found in abundance in tomatoes.
  • Vitamin C found inside tomatoes can be beneficial for the eyes. Eye diseases can be avoided by eating tomatoes. To keep eyes healthy, tomatoes rich in vitamins and minerals should be consumed.
  • Tomato seeds are excellent sources of antioxidants, lycopene, and beta-carotene. They are able to improve the immune system. Also, they can also help in preventing colds and influenza.
  • Tomato contains adequate amounts of potassium and sodium, which act as electrolytes in the body. They help in maintaining the amount of fluid and blood in the body. Also, by consuming balanced amounts of potassium, muscles are also strengthened and they are also easily formed.
  • Tomato juice is a rich source of lycopene, carotene, potassium, vitamin-C, flavonoids, folate, and vitamin-E. This is why tomatoes can be beneficial for patients with diabetes.
  • If there is no desire to eat due to some disease, then consuming red tomatoes is beneficial. Taking 30-40 ml juice of tomato fruit provides relief in the loss of appetite, excessive thirst, and constipation. Apart from this, roasting tomato fruit and adding rock salt and black pepper powder in it increases the desire to eat.
  • If you want to get relief from fever, then tomato juice or tomato soup should be consumed in this way. Taking 10-15 ml tomato juice relieves fever and thirst problems.
  • The use of tomatoes is very beneficial for the development of children because the vitamin C and other nutrients found in tomatoes help in the development of children.
  • Acne is the first symptom of adolescence. All girls and boys are troubled by pimples. Grinding tomato leaves and fruit extract is beneficial in pimples and skin diseases.

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