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What is anger? Tips for Anger Management

At present, due to the increase in corporate culture, the workload has increased on people and due to this, they do not get any time to be relaxed. It is generally seen that they also do their office work at home. Due to this, where the balance of their life gets deteriorated, on the other side, anger and irritation, etc.

Start increasing. Anger is not good in any sun. This not only spoils your relationship but also worsens your health. Whether you have a home or an office, you need to keep your anger under control. Let us know why you get angry and how you can control your anger.

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Misconception about oneself

The reason behind people who have more anger is told that they consider themselves better than others. Actually people who have this kind of belief pay less attention to others because they feel that the person in front of them is less intelligent than them, and when others treat them like this, they get angry immediately.

Underestimate others

Remove from your mind that you are the smartest person in the world because all people develop their mental development only after earning experience in their life. In such a situation, without knowing what is the background of the next person and how much ability is there in them, underestimating them shows your ignorance. That is why it is very important to listen to your words along with your talk. Through this process, you also get to know about the capacity of the next person.


Those who do not listen to others

Quarrels often start because of not understanding anything properly. You do not understand anything when you do not listen to it carefully. You give your feedback in the things that you understand. This reaction is usually not right because it does not involve all aspects of anything and you angrily take the wrong step, which you regret later.

Who to make Improvement

Only after listening to something, give a response. When you understand every aspect of a thing and give feedback, then you surely reach a better result. In such a situation, instead of anger, one should take restraint and work with a cool head.

Respect is most important

There is a saying in English that Give Respect, Take Respect, always remember that when you give respect to others, the respect you get in response to it will give you different happiness. It is commonly seen in offices that officers occupying large positions treat their subordinates with great misconduct. This ends their sense of harmony and they are unable to respect others. They get angry at the small mistakes of the employees because they know that the employees under them cannot speak anything to them. In fact, it is such a terrible disease that it is very difficult to get out.


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What is the treatment?

The best treatment for this is within you. All we need is self-churning. In such a situation, you should place yourself in the place of the next person and then think if the behavior you are dealing with them should be treated with you, how would you feel? You will get the answer yourself. The truth is that when you respect others, you will be able to control your anger. Believe that respecting someone does not reduce your respect, but in their eyes, your respect also increases more and they start respecting you more.

Excess of work

Sometimes the excess of work also becomes the reason for our anger and we feel that we are not able to do any more work because of work. Actually, we have many responsibilities towards the family as well, but due to lack of time, we are unable to fulfill that responsibility and in such a situation we automatically become victims of anger.

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How to survive

To avoid such situations, you should actually resort to the art of time management, because after learning this art you will be able to use time better. For this, you should divide your entire routine on the basis of hours and make a list of all the things that you can do while going to the office or on arrival. After coming from the office, write down the work on any notebook beforehand so that you do not have to go round the market again and again. Sometimes even after many rounds of the market, we get angry. Believe that this will make you feel relaxed to a great extent.

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