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Tibet – Country of Rivers and Lakes

Tibet is a very strange country. It is called the roof of the world. In fact, it is also the highest country in the world. Being situated at such a height and surrounded by high mountains, he has always been isolated from the world. Therefore, the people there are adopting their ancient beliefs, traditions, and practices. Neither modern civilization has influenced them nor do they appear eager in this direction. Let us tell you interesting facts related to Tibet.

Lord Buddha

Interesting facts of Tibet

  • The people of Tibet strictly adhere to the customs, etiquette and ceremonial things that have been going on for centuries. It has now become a part of their religion to deal with small elders, to interact with each other, and to follow the rules and regulations made by wearing items on festivals and festivals.
  • People here are very religious. These people believe in Buddhism. It is very surprising that 90 percent of the total number of people here are lamas or priests. Due to such a large number of Lamas, Tibet is also called the country of Lamas.
  • Lama wears a yellow hat and in the remaining ten percent of people, it is customary to wear a red hat. One person from every family of Tibet must become a lama. They live in solitude and live a life of solitude and peace.
Tibet monk and hills

  • All these lamas have a leader called the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama is the ruler of Tibet, as well as people here, worship him like a god. The Dalai Lama considers himself an avatar of Avalokiteshvara.
  • The Dalai Lama is not chosen on the basis of descent. A Dalai Lama tells before his death that in the next life he will be born and what signs will be present in him to be the incarnation of Avalokiteshvara.
  • After the death of the Dalai Lama, it is seen in the whole country that all the new children are born at that time and whether or not these signs are present in them. The child who has all or most of these signs is chosen as the Dalai Lama. Many times this election takes many years.
  • It is not necessary for ordinary Lamas of Tibet to remain unmarried. They can get married and live a family life. These people make money by making idols and pictures etc. Most of the lamas are engaged in the management of agriculture, trade, army, etc. Some lamas live in monasteries.
  • Tibetans are very religious. They pray many times a day. They only have one prayer. People of all Tibet pray the same prayer. There is a very strange practice. There are some instruments in every family there. They pray to God on behalf of the people of Yantra.
Potala place tibet

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  • This device is made of a round box on which prayers are written. The family member keeps moving it with the help of a pole or a handle. The number of times the box is rotated, it is believed that the member of the family has chanted the mantra as many times.
  • Not only the monks here but all other people also keep a garland. There are 108 beads in this garland. This garland stays with these people all the time. People here also have great faith in the ghosts and they pray all the time to avoid them.
  • The houses of the people of Tibet are also very strange. They tie animals in the lower part of these houses and live in the upper part themselves. There is no window in their houses. These people make a hole in the ceiling of the room. Sunlight comes from this hole and smoke comes out from the room.
  • If we go to those houses, then we feel suffocated, but the people there live very comfortably in them. In fact, there is such a strong and cool air moving, it is necessary to build such houses.
Mountains in tibet

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  • People here are very hospitable to the situation. There is nothing in the table, chair, etc., so they place the guests by laying lambskin or woolen blankets near the fire. The food of the Tibetan people is very strange which is called Shampa. Shampa is made by grinding barley.
  • The tea of ​​Tibetans is also strange. These people prepare it in a special way. First, the tea is boiled in water. A little soda is also added to it during boiling. When the tea is boiled, butter and salt are added to it. Then it is churned with churns until the butter mixes completely. Tibetans drink this tea with great passion. Sometimes barley flour is also added to it. Tibetans drink 40-50 cups of tea a day easily and thus protect themselves from cold and hunger.

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