Throat Infection

Throat Infection – Symptoms & Treatment

Our throat is the part of the body that is most affected by external conditions. Such as changes in weather, pollution, breathing in contaminated air, eating toxic food, etc. Because of this, various bacteria attack, due to which infection of the throat occurs. These bacteria are mainly of three types – bacteria, viruses, and fungi. changing lifestyle has become a special reason for this infection. Nowadays the lifestyle of people of all ages has become unbalanced. They are using junk food to save time. Nutritious food is disappearing from their food, reducing their immunity to fighting germs and they are falling prey to this infection. There is also no shortage of people who take this problem very lightly and take medicines on their own and make the problem serious.

Throat infection is caused by exposure to bacteria and viruses. After getting infected by bacteria and viruses, problems like throat irritation, pain, swelling, fever, and cough are found. If these problems are caused by a virus attack, then it is cured on its own, if it is caused by bacteria, then antibiotics are given for treatment. Those whose immune system is weak, they are more likely to have a throat infection. This problem is more common in women and children. Diabetes patients have more complaints of throat infection. Throat infection ie throat infection is undoubtedly a common problem but increases if it becomes severe. The main cause of throat infection is exposure to bacteria and viruses. The throat has membranous tissue on both sides, called tonsils. These include swelling and pain due to the attack of bacteria or viruses.


There are many symptoms when there is an infection in the throat. These can vary from person to person. Common symptoms of a throat infection are fever and headache. Apart from this, many types of symptoms can be seen, some of which are as follows

  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty swallowing food and sore throat while drinking water.
  • Sudden rise in body temperature.
  • Coughing and red throat. White spots also appear on the throat.
  • Blisters forming inside the mouth.
  • Red rash in chest skin.
  • Feeling Cold and Fever.

Bacterial Throat Infection

Bacterial throat infection is the most common and is often caused by bacteria such as streptococcal, staphylococcal. Viral throat infection is caused by the influenza virus and usually shows symptoms such as cold, cold, sneezing. Fungal infections occur in those who have diabetes or who consume a lot of anti-biotic. This infection is spread from one person to another by sneezing or coughing of the patient. The throat of many patients turns red due to pain and there is difficulty in drinking even water. The infection causes rash or sores in the throat. If the medicine is not getting relief, pain persists for a long time and there is a wound, then it can be a symptom of throat cancer.

Air Pollution in India

Symptoms of infection usually begin to appear within 1 to 3 days and symptoms may vary from person to person. Swelling appears in the throat at the time of infection and there is considerable difficulty in eating food. Any type of pain in the throat, sore throat, pricking like thorns, etc. are symptoms of throat infection. Cold, fever, sore throat, dry throat, frequent sneezing, cough, difficulty in breathing, trouble swallowing can also be symptoms. Do not be careless at all, even if you suddenly get swollen tongue and throat or have a high fever.

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Types of Throat Infection

Allergies: pollution, no food, pollination of flowers, dust on bedsheets, dust, and smoke are the reasons. If you have difficulty in breathing, dry cough, watery nose, fever, sore throat, apart from taking antiallergic drugs, stay away from factors.

Tonsillitis: This problem is caused by eating cold or cold. Pain in throat, sputum or swallowing water, bad mouth, ear infections are symptoms. In addition to giving antibiotics, avoid gargling lukewarm water and cold things.

Laryngitis: due to infection, allergy or any other reason, the vocal cord is affected due to which there is difficulty in speaking and breathing. Chronic laryngitis is caused by a prolonged allergy, acid reflux, sinusitis. The ENT specialist should be contacted.

Acid reflux: Due to digestive and other reasons, the food digestive acid in the stomach comes up to the throat. This causes throat damage and swelling. Repeated cough, vomiting, sour belching and chest irritation. It is recommended to take antacid medications as a treatment. Eat two hours before bedtime and go to the Morning and Evening Walk.

How To Cure Throat Infection?

  • Maintain physical distance from people until the infection is completely cured. Although it takes time for symptoms to appear after becoming infected, some viruses are already spread.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before eating and after eating food. Hand sanitizer can also be used.
  • If you are suffering from strep throat problems, do not share your food and water with anyone. Take special care of the clothes you wear.
  • If someone in the house has a problem with a throat infection, then all the clothes and utensils of the house should be washed with warm water. Cleaning should be done from time to time so that dirt does not flourish.
  • Cover the mouth with a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing. By doing this the bacteria will not dissolve in the air.
  • Do not consume cigarettes and alcohol. If someone smokes a cigarette in front of you, refuse it or leave it. Cigarette smoke can increase the infection in your throat.
  • Make changes in your diet. Stop eating oily and spicy foods. Eat fiber-rich and boiled food as much as possible.
  • Drink plenty of water but do not drink cold water. Drinking plenty of water will retain the moisture of the throat, which will make it easier to swallow food and prevent throat peeling. Eating curd will be very beneficial if there is a problem with a throat infection. Consuming citrus can cause a burning sensation in the throat.
  • In a place where there is dirt or more air pollution, there is a high risk of spreading the infection. So do not go to such places at all. Do not even water food in polluted places. If you are compelled to go to such a place, then wear a mask and carry clean water for yourself.
  • Younger people are at greater risk of throat infection. Most children between the ages of 5 and 15 are affected by it.
  • There are many such things around us, which contain dangerous bacteria and viruses. Using these things can also get us infected.
  • Do not use the things of a person who is infected with a throat infection. Do not come into contact with the hands of an infected person.

Home Remedies For Throat Infection

  • Gargling with salt in hot water is very beneficial when there is a sore throat. Also, steam can be taken. Salt is effective to eliminate bacterial throat infection. Salt is rich in anti-bacterial properties which relieves throat infection. Gargle three to four times a day by mixing salt in lukewarm water. By doing this, the bacteria present in the throat will come out. It also removes those acids present in the throat that cause irritation.
  • Drink mixed with turmeric in milk, because it has antibiotic properties. Drink hot milk mixed with turmeric and a little pepper before going to bed.
  • Garlic is a very powerful medicine to kill bacteria. The antibacterial elements present in garlic eliminate bacteria and also destroy other germs that spread the infection. Keep garlic pressed between your teeth and keep sucking it. In between, squeeze garlic from the teeth and extract its juice and take it inside the throat. Doing this will relieve the throat infection.
  • Eat ginger, basil, black pepper, and clove pulp masala tea. Antibacterial properties of ginger relieve the infection. Boil ginger in water well and when the water becomes lukewarm add, honey.