Yoga for good health

Start yoga to stay healthy and happy

If you want to be healthy, doing yoga is beneficial. If you also want to include yoga in your daily routine, then first choose the easy yoga posture. Easy yoga is chosen because initially, the body lacks flexibility. So, people who want to start should be practice this poses. it is a very important part of life. there are many physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Sometimes the worry of work, sometimes the pull of personal life, the pressure of examination and the search for employment somewhere. In today’s rush-filled life, tension has become common. Stress causes stiffness in the shoulders, back strain, head, and neck pain. it gives great relief to these problems.

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With the regular practice of yoga and exercise, you can reduce stress to a great extent. People with high or low blood pressure ie uncontrolled blood pressure should do yoga only after medical advice. We are telling you about the postures whose practice will give you relief in stress. we are sharing some Yoga practice for a happy and healthy life.

Bhujangasana (भुजंगासन)

If you are a woman and want to include yoga in your daily routine then do these four yogasanas daily. To do Bhujangasana, first of all, lie flat on the stomach. After this, keep both hands under your forehead. Keep the toes of both feet together. Now raise the forehead in front and keep both arms parallel to the shoulders, which will put the weight of the body on the arms. Now lift the front of the body with the help of arms. Stretch the body and take a long breath. After remaining in this position for a few seconds, lie back on your stomach.

Naukasan (नौकासन)

Lie on your back on the ground. Put your hands on its edge and attach it to the body. Take a long deep breath and while exhaling, pull your hands towards the feet and raise your legs and chest. Your hands should be in line with your feet. Your eyes should be on the fingers of the hands. Take long deep breaths and maintain posture. Breathing out, slowly return to the ground and relax.

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Tadasana (ताडासन)

Tadasana is best for those who want to start yoga. Especially if you are a woman, then you must do this yoga. To do Tadasana, first of all, stand-up. Keep legs and thighs separated. Breathing up the heel and pull your thighs. Stretch your stomach and chest while breathing. While exhaling, take your shoulders away from the head. Stretch the neck area and lengthen your neck.

Vrikshasana (वृक्षासन)

At the beginning, easy yoga should be done. Vriksasana is a good yoga for this. First of all, stand up straight. It is necessary to have a gap of at least one foot between the two legs. While bending the right leg, keep it firmly on the left thigh. Keep balance by keeping the left leg straight. After making a good balance, take a deep breath and move the hand above the head and make a salutation posture with both palms. Be sure to keep the spine straight and take some deep breaths. While exhaling slowly bring the hands down and slowly straighten the right leg and relax. Now repeat this asana by placing the left leg on the right thigh.

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