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Srinivas Gowda: The Indian Kambala racer faster to Usain Bolt

who is this Srinivas Gowda? about whom suddenly there is so much discussion. actually, Gowda is Mangaluru boy, who was running with a buffalo in a Buffalo race (buffalo race). It is being claimed that Srinivas completed the 100 meter race in just 9.55 seconds, while the 142.50 meter distance was completed in 13.62 seconds. The interesting thing is that the time of 9.55 seconds is better than the world record. The fastest time to complete the 100 meters is named after Usain Bolt of Jamaica, who completed it in 9.58 seconds in 2009.

As soon as this video of Srinivas Gowda came on social media people started comparing him with Usain Bolt. India’s famous industrialist Anand Mahindra also asked Sports Minister Kiran Rijiju to give him a chance to train and also hoped for India’s medal for the Olympics.

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The Srinivas race has made him an overnight sensation. Gowda told the media that he was quite surprised by the reactions received by the people. He said that I love Kambala. The credit for my success should also go to my two buffaloes. They ran very well. Usain Bolt is the best runner in the world and I run in the mud.

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Now the Sports Minister calls for trials

Kiren Rijiju also responded, ‘I will call Srinivas Gowda of Karnataka for a trial from the top coaches. In general, there is a lack of knowledge about Olympic standards in athletics, where human strength and endurance are tested. I will ensure that no talent remains left in India. Srinivas is said to have a 9.55 second speed, but he cannot be directly compared to a bolt. In fact, Srinivas ran in the mud with a pair of buffaloes, while Bolt has made a record by running in the Proper race with Athletes.

What is the Kambala game?

Kambala race or Buffalo race is a traditional sport of Karnataka. The game is held in a mud area. The sport is quite popular in the Mangaluru and Udupi coastal areas of Karnataka. Kambala is organized in many villages here, in which dozens of enthusiastic young people take part in their best-trained buffaloes. They are being discussed a lot on the internet since the Srinivas race. Social media users demanded to send him to the Olympics. He said that the government should make arrangements to train Srinivas for running. A few years ago, animal protection activists demanded a ban on Kambala. He was accused of using buffaloes to force buffaloes to run fast. Kambala was then banned for a few years. However, the Congress government in Karnataka, led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, passed a special law to get Khale released.

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