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How to care your skin in Winter Season?

Healthy skin is the most precious gift of beauty, but what to do this winter, which snatches away the beauty of the skin. But this does not mean that you become careless towards your skin. Learn, what are the remedies necessary for cold skin. Skin care should be done in all seasons and always, but in winter, more skin-related problems occur due to which skin needs extra care in winter. With some home tips, you can keep your skin healthy and beautiful in winter. everybody wants to young and healthy. healthy skin is the most important secret of a healthy and fit man. Youngness can we identify with the we should care for our skin.

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But before taking care of the skin, it is important to know how the skin is. There are 4 types of skin – oily, dry, mixed and normal. Different skin care requires different prescriptions. In winter, the skin of hands, palms, and feet often starts to look dry and lifeless. Due to this many times, you have to be embarrassed in front of people. Apart from this, skin color also appears darker in winter than in summer. To get rid of these cold weather problems and to make your hands soft and glowing, you can adopt very simple home remedies.

Citrus fruits have properties to improve skin tone. Let us tell you one such simple home remedy, which will remove the roughness of your hands and make them soft and shiny. For this, you will need some special things which can prove to be beneficial for you.

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Tips for Skin care in Winter Season

  • In winter, the skin becomes quite dry and lifeless. For this, it is necessary to apply a vitamin E-rich moisturizer. Wash the face with clean water and apply a good moisturizer daily at night and 3-4 times a day.
  • As soon as winter comes, people start bathing with hot water but keep in mind that the water is not too hot or else it makes the skin dry.
  • Use soap at least in winter. If the skin is dry then stop scrubbing as it will open the pores on the skin but the skin will also become dry.
  • Scrub only if the skin is oily so that it can reduce skin oil. to make the skin smooth and soft in winter, mix curd and sugar and apply it well on the face and let it dry for a while. After that massage, it with light hands and then wash it with lukewarm water.
  • In summer, people often use sunscreen but do not understand its need in winter, while the sun rays cause the most damage to the skin in winter. Often people sunbathe and because of that, skin tanning happens, it also becomes lifeless. To avoid this, it is important to use sunscreen in winter.
  • Winter or summer, drink plenty of water so that there is no shortage of water in the body. If water is sufficient then skin will not die and glow will always be there.
  • To keep the skin soft and healthy, use coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only useful for hair, but also massage the body and face for one hour before bathing daily and then take a bath. The skin will never be dry.
  • Make a mixture by mixing glycerin, lemon and 3-4 drops of rose water and fill it in a vial. Apply this mixture on the face and body before going to bed at night and wake up in the morning and take a bath with lukewarm water.
  • If the skin of the hands is very dry, either lemon or sugar should be applied on the hands for this, otherwise, honey and lemon are mixed and applied on the hands and let it remain for some time. Wash with lukewarm water for a while, you will benefit.
  • Egg and honey face mask also helps in making the skin soft and healthy. For this, add a little honey in an egg and then apply it on face, hands and neck and wash it with lukewarm water after an hour or two.
  • Regardless of the weather, skin care is needed, so it is most important to eat balanced food. Drink enough water daily. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. If it is winter then include things like carrot, spinach, fenugreek, mustard, lemon. include juice in your daily diet.
  • Many people have already dry skin and such skin gets worse in winter. Milk is the best tonic for dry skin. If you want, you can apply it by mixing it in a facepack or else apply milk on the face and massage with a light hand. After about an hour, wash it with lukewarm water. If you do this daily, you will get the benefit in no time.
  • One basic thing that should be kept in mind is that in winter keep your skin covered with warm things like gloves, sweaters and scarves. Apply petrolium jelly, body butter so that skin moisture remains intact and does not break.
  • Make a pack by mixing one teaspoon of butter and a little lemon and honey in 2 teaspoons of honey and apply it on the hands and neck in addition to the face. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water. Do this daily in winter. This will not only make the skin soft and healthy but also the complexion will be fair.

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