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Singapore – South Asia’s Most Visited Destination

Tourism is a major industry in Singapore. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Its cultural charm is attributed to its cultural diversity, which reflects its colonial history and Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab ethnicity. Here the environment is taken care of and many programs related to nature and heritage conservation are run. Among the four languages ​​which have official status here, English is the most prevalent. This is because English is a language spoken and understood throughout the world. When a tourist arrives in Singapore and interacts with the local people, especially when they do some shopping, they are quite comfortable. Let us know from Singapore’s Gulshan Mandloi what is special in Singapore. Hearing the name of Singapur, pictures of the skyscraper and its glare will start to appear, but just 50 years ago, the condition of this country located four thousand kilometers away from India is bad. was. Singapore came into existence in 1965 after separating from Malaysia and then began the mission of changing fortunes.

Singapore development and travel

Singapore is a small country spread over 707 square kilometers between Malaysia and Indonesia. The population here is around six million, where most of the items are imported and brought from other countries. Whether it is milk or fruits, vegetables, grains, and other things. Despite this, the economy of Singapore is increasing day by day. This is because there is advance planning for the next 100 years. Here a 40-year concept plan and then a 10-year master plan is developed.

There is such a severe penalty for spreading the garbage that no one can think of negligence. The waste is transported to dumping groups in closed vehicles. If soil and debris are found, the trains can get down on the road only after being washed and dried. Electricity is also generated from the garbage. Traveling in Singapore is a fun experience. It can be reached anywhere within minutes. There is an underground metro (MRT i.e. Mass Rapid Transit System), there is such a network of the monorail, cable cars (ropeways), city buses and taxis, etc. that there is no waiting to go anywhere. There is public transport available every two minutes.

Singapore tour and travel guide 2020

People buy fewer cars here. For this, along with import tax, other taxes have been kept very high. It also reduces pollution with traffic. The government also gives incentives to 10 km or more pedestrians daily to keep people fit. Singapore is one of the safest places in the world. Reports of crime are rarely found in Singapore newspapers. The reason is very severe punishment and the penalty for petty crime. Years of jail and fear of electric whipping. Punishment is a punishment on death. To incite religious sentiments is a crime. People of all religions have to live in full respect with each other.


Singapore is a unique country in the world, which has a large economy despite not having many resources. He holds an important business position in the world. Singapore has shown to the whole world that no country is bigger or smaller than its population and size, but the scale of its development is the life of the people living in it. Today, Singapore is the center of the world’s economy, a center of education and a center of research.

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The Open Zoo / The Night Safari Singapore

Talking about walking in Singapore, this Orchard Road district is named as a pioneer. There is a plethora of multi-story shopping centers and hotels. Other attractive tourist destinations in Singapore can include Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, where tourists get to see Asian, African and American creatures in the dark of night. The special thing is that here tourists can not see these wild animals inside the cage but face to face. The Singapore Zoo is a special kind of open zoo, where animals are kept in a circle rather than a cage around which there is a deep moat. These trenches may be dry or waterlogged. Jurong Bird Park is another zoological garden that focuses on birds. Here tourists get a chance to see different species and varieties of birds found all over the world, besides a thousand flamingos flock of birds. The world’s famous zoo (opened in the night also) is also a zoo to open in Singapore. It is called The Night Safari here.

Singapore Zoo

Sentosa island

The Sentosa island is also an important center of tourist attraction, with more than five million tourists arriving every year. The island lies to the south of Singapore and has 20–30 famous locations such as Fort Siloso; Fort Siloso was built during World War II as a fort to defend against Japanese attack. In Fort Siloso, tourists can also see guns ranging from small guns used in the Second World War to 16 pounds, or about seven kilos. In addition, the Tiger Sky Tower has been built on this island from where one can see the entire Sentosa Island as well as the view of Sentosa Luge; In Sentosa Luge, one or two people lie down with their legs straight forward and enjoy slipping. It is carried by moving its weight around or pulling the bridle. Singapore also has two integrated resorts called Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa where casinos are also present.

Clarke Quay Singapore

Clarke Quay is a historic shipwreck located along the Singapore River and a major party center in Singapore. It is located at the mouth of the Singapore River, opposite Boat Quay. At present, there are many restaurants and old-fashioned shops in the five warehouses that have been rebuilt here. There are more than 50 hotels in Clarke Quay, where 20 types of dishes are served. Apart from this, there are more than twenty bars, clubs, and pubs. Some of the world’s best pubs are located in Clarke Quay.

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Boat Quay Singapore

Boat Quay is a historic shipwreck in Singapore, located at the mouth of the Singapore River. The shops here have been preserved in a special way and now many pubs and restaurants have also been built here. The most popular of these are the dining bars which are situated on the banks of the river. Special arrangements have been made to woo Indian tourists there. The Hindi music lounge is quite popular there. Bollywood songs are also heard in such Hindi music lounges. Popular names like Club Colaba, Tarana, Ghungroo, Krrish, Table, Turmeric are popular.

Changi Beach Park

It is the most famous sea beach in Singapore. If you are on a trip to Singapore then you must go to Changi Beach. The place has a beach park which is one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore. Changi Beach, serene surroundings on a 28-kilometer beach, has a park about 3.3 km long, situated between Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road. This is a better place to have a picnic with the family. Here you can also see the amazing sunset view. Apart from this, if you want to see the beauty of Singapore from a height, then Singapore is also the best place to fly.