PWA(Progressive web app) future of web applications

Over the most recent couple of years, there has been exponential development in the usage of cell phone clients. Today, over 60% of web use is occurring by means of phone.

Clearly, the reasons incorporate movability, modest equipment, simple access to the web and the expanded number of administrations on the web. With more clients on portable, the advancement of client experience on the telephone is amazing.

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For littler organizations, which don’t have mobile applications because of cost or time limitations, the web application is the key open door where they can win clients by giving the most ideal experience. also, native mobile apps are too costly.

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a way to make your website or web applications behave like a native app on any device. By any device, it means device capable of running a modern service worker capable browser.

In short, PWA is a way to make your app work offline without any internet (like the native app does after the first install). When you access any website with PWA feature implementation (service worker, offline cache, push notification) browsers stores(caches) entire app (or part of it as specified by developer). So if a user tries to access the same site again everything is served from cache (or things which developer wants to serve from cache). You can get a better idea from the following links:

These days the desire from our sites is extremely high. Almost 25 years ago when the website was invented, its purpose was mostly to share information.

Let’s take the example of facebook messenger. When there is no network, you can still open the app, check past messages and even reply to someone. When the phone gets the internet connection, the messages are being automatically sent in the background.

This is what PWA to provide in web apps. It enables web apps to load when there is no network, sync in the background and seamlessly does things while providing a native-like experience for your users.

Advantage of PWA

  • App-Like Look and Feel
  • Low Development Costs
  • Fast Installation
  • Better Performance
  • Platform- and Device-Agnosticism
  • No Updating Issues
  • Seamless Offline Operation
  • No Dependence on App Distribution Services Push Notification Functionality
  • Enhanced Security

Companies that used Progressive web apps:-

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