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Onion – The King of Root Vegetables

An onion eaten as a meal or as a salad would be very beneficial for health. Some people also consume onion in the form of sandwiches, chutney or chaat (Salad), but do you know that eating raw onion is also very beneficial for health. Consumption of 1 raw onion rich in sulfur, amino acids, antibiotics, fiber, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, minerals, and vitamins, can eliminate serious diseases.

Nutrition Facts (100 Gram)

  • Scientific Name: Allium cepa
  • Calories 40
  • Fat 0.1 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 4 mg
  • Potassium 146 mg
  • Carbohydrate 9 g
  • Dietary fiber  1.7g
  • Sugar 4.2 g
  • Protein 1.1 g
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Types of Onion

  • Yellow Onion: Its pulp is white in color, while its outer layer is brown. Its aroma is like sulfur.
  • Sweet Onion: Its outer layer is lighter and less opaque and it is slightly thicker.
  • White Onion: It is white in appearance from outside. It also has a slightly sweet taste compared to other onions.
  • Red Onion: It is mildly sweet to eat and can be eaten raw. Its outer layer is of magenta color.
  • Shallots: It is small in size. Its outer layer is brown and the inner pulp is purple.
  • Green Onion: This onion is not fully grown.
  • Leak: Its lower round part is short, while the stem is long. It is used in making sauces or soups.
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Benefits of Onion

  • Relieve constipation
    The fibers present in onion are beneficial for stomach diseases. By eating 1 raw onion daily, the problem of constipation, gas, and acidity is eliminated from the root and the digestive system works smoothly.
  • Helpful in lowering cholesterol
    Regular intake of onions prevents the cholesterol rising in the body, and makes you fit, and agile. It also reduces the likelihood of a heart attack. Onion not only enhances the taste of food but also takes care of your health.
  • Prevent Cancer
    Daily consumption of onions increases immunity to avoid cancer. It protects against all types of cancer such as colorectal, and ovarian cancer. One onion should be consumed about half a cup daily to get relief from deadly diseases like cancer.
  • Onion relieves stone problem
    Bad food causes kidney stones. People who are struggling with the stone problems should use onion because onion juice has the ability to fight stone pain. Taking an onion juice on an empty stomach every day relieves the pain of stones and the stone goes out on its own by way of urine.
  • Onion makes the immune system strong
    The vitamins and many nutrients present in onions increase the ability of our body’s immune system. By regularly consuming onions, our body’s ability to fight diseases increases manifold, so use raw onions as a salad with food.
  • Onion strengthens memory
    The memory of people who eat onions daily is usually sharp. Make your children habit of eating onions right from childhood. Many children do not like to eat raw onion, but seeing the benefits, everyone should eat onion.
  • Onion is beneficial in cataract
    If there are dark circles under the eyes or if it appears blurred from the eyes, then extract the juice of the onion and apply it in the eyes like antimony. A cataract is also cured by putting onion juice in the eyes.
  • Onion prevents tooth diseases
    All the diseases of the mouth are cured by taking raw onion daily. If there is a worm in the teeth or pain in the gums, apply a paste of onion juice and start eating raw onion with food.
  • For falling hair
    This is an accurate and inexpensive solution for falling hair. To prevent hair fall, apply onion juice to the roots of the hair for half an hour before washing the head and then wash it after leaving it for half an hour.
  • For problems related to eyes
    If there is burning or pain in the eyes, the use of onion can give you relief. If onion juice is mixed with rose water, it will remove all the problems of the eyes, and also increase the light of the eyes.
  • Useful for skin
    Yes, onion is useful not only in cooking or medicines but also in making it beautiful. Grate the onion and make its juice. Now, if the juice of this onion is mixed with turmeric and applied on the face, it will also remove uneven complexion and face stains. If you want to see your skin always glowing, then do this remedy twice a week.
  • Strong bones
    According to research, onions can reduce the risk of osteoporosis (weakening of bones) with aging. At the same time, according to another study, women who eat onions daily, their bones are five percent stronger than women who do not eat onions. Also, eating onions of women above 50 years of age has a positive effect on bones.
  • For better sleep
    onions contain prebiotics, which can help in getting good sleep and relieving stress. Eating onions gives rise to good bacteria in the intestine, which digests the dietary fiber, which keeps the stomach fit and creates metabolic byproducts. These byproducts improve the functioning of the brain and result in good sleep. The medicinal properties of onions include sleeping better.
  • Fever and cough
    If there is a fever, onion can be used as a home remedy. With its use, fever can be relieved to a great extent. Even today many people traditionally use onions when they have fever and cough. Not only this, but some people also have nose bleeding problem, onion smoke can be beneficial for them. At the same time, taking a cough mixed with onion juice in honey can give relief. The benefits of eating onions include relief from fever and cough.