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Nepal – Best Holidays Destinations

If you want to travel abroad, then you can go to Nepal. It does not cost too much to go to Nepal. Traveling to Nepal is like walking in our country. The name of the Pashupatinath temple is the first one to remember Nepal. But in Nepal, full of natural beauty, along with it, there are many other tourist places where you can enjoy your holiday.

Tourism is the main source of income for Nepal, a small hill country. Its northern part is surrounded by the Himalayan peaks. Not only this, eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world are in Nepal alone. Everest, the world’s highest peak, is located in Nepal, here it is called Sagarmatha. The shared heritage of Nepal Hindu and Buddhism is embedded in itself. So many things are enough to attract tourists.

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Tour Package of Nepal Indians does not need a passport and visa to travel to Nepal. Here you can travel with Indian ID Proof. Don’t forget to visit Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Purana Bazar in Nepal. Plane tickets: Delhi-Nepal flights will be available for 13,000 to 14,500 rupees. You can also take a bus from Kolkata to the Nepal border. Hotels: Budget hotels in Nepal will be available for Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,500. Here you can travel with Indian ID Proof. Here budget hotels, budget hotels will be available for Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,500. There is an advantage in visiting Nepal that the currency there is cheaper than in India but there is inflation here. Indians can shop in Nepal but because shopping in India and Nepal is almost the same in terms of price. Nepal best destination as given b

Pashupatinath Temple

The Pashupatinath temple situated on the banks of the Baghpati river is included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It has a prominent place in the temples of Hinduism. The Pashupatinath temple is also included in the eight major sites of Hinduism. Pashupatinath is said to be Lord Shiva. It is famous not only as a religious place but also as a cultural place. Apart from Hinduism, non-Hindu tourists also come here from all over the world. However, non-Hindu tourists can see this temple from the other side of the Bagmati River. Surrounded by mountain ranges, this place is also known for its unique beauty. This temple is also known for its structure craft.



Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, is a pilgrimage center for Buddhist followers around the world. This place is Rumbinodei village, Lumbini village, located at a short distance from the Indo-Nepal border. Known for the memorial pillar of Emperor Ashoka, this site is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was built by Emperor Ashoka in memory of his visit to Nepal. The major attraction here is the garden spread over 8 square kilometers. Apart from this, the Mayadevi temple is also very popular among pilgrims. It has a statue of Mayadevi, the mother of Gautam Buddha. In this idol, Mayadevi is shown giving birth to Gautam Buddha.

Devghat Dham

Devghat Dham is also a major tourist destination in Nepal. Devghat Dham is located at the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Trishuli rivers. Followers of Hinduism come here in large numbers during Makar Sakranti. On this day, devotees take a dip in the holy river. Apart from this, there are many historical places to visit here. There are many places like Triveni Temple, Balmiki Ashram, Someshwar Kalika Mandir Fort, Pandavanath, Kabilaspur Fort which tourists especially like to see.

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Muktinath is also a major pilgrimage center for Hinduism. Muktinath Shaligram, the major pilgrimage site of the Vaishnava sect is known to God. Shaligram is actually a sacred stone. This stone is worshiped. This region is also known as Mukti Kshetra. It is believed that salvation can be attained by coming here. It is a bit difficult to do pilgrimage here because traveling to this region involves crossing large mountain ranges of the Himalayan region.

Changu Narayan Temple

This temple is called the oldest temple here. This temple was built in the fourth century. Due to some reasons, it was rebuilt again in 1702. The Changunarayan temple is located on the Shivpuri hills. The idol of Lord Vishnu with Sheshnag is kept in this temple. This stone sculpture is a wonderful piece of craft art.

Kathmandu City

Kathmandu is Nepal best destination and Kathmandu capital of Nepal. It is surrounded by the mountains of the Himalayas. In the middle of the city of Kathmandu is the Durbar Square where Nepali Traditional Dance takes place. However, in the 2015 earthquake, a lot of historic buildings have been damaged. Still one of the beautiful cities of Kathmandunipal.


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