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Neostox – Latest way of trading


Neostox – Latest way of trading

Neostox is India’s first 100% real-time trading platform with virtual money to practice and experience live trading in the Indian stock market. The core idea of Neostox is to help millions of traders who want to get into stock trading but have fear of losing money, and those who have good strategies but don’t have any platform to test and practice their strategies without investing their own hard-earned money.

The current Covid-19 pandemic situation has increased the number of jobless people across India with no option of income. People are looking for alternate sources to earn money and trading is one the best option as one can earn money sitting at home during the lockdown.

Neostox is here to help all such people to gain confidence by practicing and learning trading free of cost without investing any money.

At Neostox, you get virtual cash of Rs. 10 Lacs upon registration to start trading with an option to top-up your virtual money up to Rs. 1 Crore. Once you register, you can immediately start practicing and you don’t have to pay any fee to use the platform. It is absolutely FREE for learning and practicing trading.

Neostox offers virtual trading in Equities, F&O, and MCX segments. It offers a variety of features like Options Analyzer, Index Analyzer, Options Trader, and lots of interactive features all under one platform that can help you become a confident trader.

The Options trader they offer is the World’s First automatic order placement tool that helps you place an order with just a click of a button using your predefined preferences. It automatically selects the best option available in the market and auto-calculates the quality and margin you can afford basis of your account balance.

This smart platform gives the feeling of a real trading platform, which helps you track and learn how to handle the real market scenarios during your trading session. The entry and exit price you get when you place orders are 99.9% matches the real market. The P&L gives you a clear picture of how much you will earn or lose including the taxes you would be paying for each trade, and all this is available right during the trading session. is a flagship product of Neostox FinTech. Conceptualized, crafted, and developed by veteran traders having 15+ years of international trading experience. They have several research analysts who have participated in the development of features to help the traders, trade faster and earn more profits. They are working on the World’s first backtesting platform with experience just like real trading that would be released for its users in the next few weeks and this will help traders practice their strategies anytime even on holidays.

If you are looking to make your career in the trading industry, is the right place for you to start with. Happy Trading

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