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Nationalism, A great feeling

Now our emotions are changing with the changing environment! Our living style the costume all have covered the western culture and therefore our sense of nationalism has also changed in our mind!

Nationalism is the feeling of love, affection, respect, dedication towards your country! Because of the nationalist sentiment, we are connected with our country and we take care of the values ​​of our country, and also adopt the culture, language, ethics of the place!

we are Indian and as a citizen of our country, our sense of patriotism should be of a higher standard because it is the soil which has given us the right to live independently! it has given respect to our thoughts, and give freedom to live. this freedom can not purchase with the money!

A nation is like our parents! the nation is like our parents! we take care of them! Just as the family makes us aware of all the necessary things, in the same way, our nation also provides all the resources for us! Just like natural resources, roads, transport, hospital, social security, etc.!

After the spirit of nationalism, racism, religionism all these things seem to be very small! If you are a true nation devotee then you will find yourself above socialism! When the nation fights with any problem, it does not take long to end the problem even if it is a matter of freedom of the country or a pandemic!
The spirit of nationalism works to bind us all together! And this is why the soldiers of the country do not even go back from fighting their lives! The feeling of nationalism is paramount with any sense because in it you think of all the nation, not about yourself! But if you look at it from another point of view, today’s nationalism has diminished to a great extent!

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People just think about the name of the nation on the day of August 15 august or 26 January, in addition to that, they are not free from their life!

If we really want our country to be called a world Excellence as before, then we have to increase the spirit of nationalism, we have to love our country and respect it! Only then can we make our nation the best nation! This is such a feeling that removes the feeling of caste, religion, high and low with our mind and gives equal rights and respect to all! That’s why nationalism is the most important!

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