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Mushrooms – Health Benefits

Mushrooms are used as vegetables. It is also known as Kumbhi. It is actually fungi that produce spores and they spread through the air. It starts to grow on its own in the field during the rainy season. Especially in the forest or in places where cow dung is composted, mushrooms begin to grow on their own. It has many varieties. It is also used as a vegetable and salad. Nutrients like protein, vitamin D, fiber, amino acids, germanium, selenium, and zinc are found in mushrooms.

Nutritions Fact (100 gram)

  • Calories 22
  • Fat 0.3 g
  • Saturated fat 0.1 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat 0.2 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 5 mg
  • Potassium 318 mg
  • Carbohydrate 3.3 g
  • Dietary fiber 1 g
  • Sugar 2 g
  • Protein 3.1 g

Types of Mushrooms

  • White button mushroom
  • Crimini mushroom
  • Portobello mushroom
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Oyster mushroom
  • Enoki mushroom
  • Porcini mushroom
  • Shimeji Mushroom
  • Morel Mushroom
  • Chanterelle mushroom

The Gucchi Mushrooms (Himalayan Mushroom)

Although there are many varieties of mushrooms in the world, the most discussed is the Gucchi mushrooms (Himalayan Mushroom). It is also being said in many media reports that PM Modi also eats it. So we tell what is the story of this mushroom. How it grows and what is its specialty. Actually, the mushroom is a kind of fungus. It rises on its own. There are two types of mushrooms, a normal one which usually consists of button mushrooms, and another with a medicinal purpose, which includes a bunch of mushroom-like species.

gucci mushrooms

It is known as Gucchi in the local language. Its price in the international market is very high. Experts say that it can be easily identified due to the bee’s hive-like cap. Local people of Central and Western Himalayan region have been using this mushroom as a healthy food for many years. These mushrooms grow on their own in the higher Himalayan regions of Himachal Pradesh. It also grows in the valley of Kashmir. It is a type of sponge mushroom, and it grows in the Himalayan hills. In the local language, it is called Chhatri, Tatmore or Dugharo. It is found in the forests in many districts of the state including Chamba, Kullu, Shimla, Manali.

gucci mushrooms in himachal manali

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If we talk about its nutritional elements, then it contains 32. 7% protein. The fat is 2%. It contains 17.6% fiber. And 38% is carbohydrate. That is why it is very healthy. It is very useful for health with abundant amounts of vitamins B, D, C, and K. Naturally, a grown Gucchi in the forest is found between February to April. It is the most expensive vegetable, its price is more than ₹ 25000 per kg. It is consumed as a vegetable. It is supplied in big hotels.

Benefits of Mushrooms

  • Make bones strong
    Mushrooms are wealthy in vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus. This is why it is very beneficial for bones. That is why include it in your diet regularly.
  • Beneficial for heart
    Vitamins rich mushrooms help in controlling blood sugar. In addition, it also acts to control the amount of cholesterol. Which reduces the risk of heart-related diseases.
  • Protects against cancer
    Consuming mushrooms can save you from the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer to a great extent. In fact, a lot of antioxidants are found in mushrooms, due to which the body is protected from harmful free radicals. Explain that free radicals are considered to be the biggest cause of cancer.
  • Increase body immunity
    If you consume mushrooms regularly, it can increase your body’s immunity. Apart from this, vitamins A, B, and C present in it provide the ability to fight diseases.
  • Beneficial for face
    The antioxidants are most important to increase face glow, which is found in large amounts in mushrooms. They act as anti-aging. Apart from this, many different medicinal properties are also found in mushrooms which keep the skin young and remove old age. If you boil and eat them, then you get more benefit because boiling increases the beta-glucan in the mushrooms, which greatly improves the glucan.
  • Cures fungal infections
    The antioxidants in mushrooms protect us from harmful free radicals. Consuming mushrooms increase the amount of antiviral and other proteins in the body, which repair the body’s cells. It is a natural antibiotic that also cures microbial and other fungal infections. Mushroom Heart also protects against diseases like diabetes, cancer, and obesity.
  • Benefits of eating mushrooms to reduce weight
    Increasing weight can be a problem for everyone. Mushrooms can prove to be a good natural option for reducing and controlling weight. According to research, mushrooms are found to contain fiber as well as many bioactive compounds such as polysaccharides, terpenes, polyphenols, flavonoids, which can help reduce the cardiovascular problems caused by obesity. In addition, mushrooms also have antioxidative properties, which can be beneficial in reducing weight gain.
  • To relieve stomach problems
    This may be difficult to believe, but some symptoms of ulcers can be cured with mushrooms. Mushroom extract may prove beneficial for this.
  • Rich in vitamins
    According to experts, mushrooms are rich in fiber. Several properties such as vitamin-D, protein, zinc, and selenium make mushrooms manifold beneficial for health.
  • Reduce the sugar level
    Due to the low amount of carbohydrates in mushrooms, they are helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. It is the best food for diabetes patients.