Benefits of Multi-Channel Order Management Software

An eCommerce business is never satisfied with just one platform to sell products. So most of them try to enlist their products on multiple channels like (Amazon, Etsy, mesho, etc) to reach the maximum number of customers. But maintaining a certain harmony among these various platforms is an uphill battle for the individual. A unified platform will enable him to manage his inventory, fulfill his orders, accounting, etc. Basically, conduct his business in an optimized manner.

Order Management System

Trying to do it all will need a dedicated team of experts who would not only eat up a massive chunk of your budget but also take up a lot of time to perform these tasks. Here a multi-channel eCommerce platform like eVanik will unify these channels and simplify the ease of performing these repetitive tasks. Through this, you will be able to track almost every aspect of your commerce business and will be ready for any change if needed.

Benefits of owning a multi channel order management software

Improved conversion rate

This software is integrated with multiple selling points, thus it offers the feature to maximize your brand visibility and explore new markets. Thus helping you to attract new customers and generate more revenue.

Diversifies the risk

It protects you from relying upon selling via one signal platform. In case if you get suspended from one account there will be others where you can still conduct your eCommerce business.

Fewer errors

Since most of the tasks are repetitive and dynamic in nature, it needs to be entered by a person and when there are more than thousand data to be entered there is a slight chance of making an error which will be reflected on your balance sheet. eVanik can enter the same data in a matter of seconds in real-time and with no error.

Integrates your business

It brings all the aspects of your business like packaging, merchandising, sales, inventory, customer service, etc all in one place. It also helps in offering great customer service because when you are capable of offering fast shipping and have simple return policies, you can make things simpler and easier for your customer.

Better demand sensing

Most businesses go extinct because of overstocking because of poor buying decisions due to wrong demand forecasts. With eVanik you will be able to see performances of all the sales from all the channels where you have registered. This will give you sufficient data for your sales forecast and lead to perfect inventory management, which is a plus point for improving your business.

Provides insightful data

It helps you collect a wide array of data like a detailed profile of your ideal customer and audience. It covers details like transaction history, time zone, shopping interest, etc. This will help you in analyzing and selecting only. products that will aid in your sales strategy and marketing campaigns.


The bottom line is, a multi channel order management software can help you and your customer in a big way. It might seem a bit costlier at first but consider it as an investment that can give you huge returns in the long run.