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Most Visited Pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh

Kangra Temple

Bajreshwari Shaktipeeth situated in Kangra in Himachal Pradesh is one such abode of the mother, where the devotee’s sorrow get away from having a glimpse of the mother. Brajeshwari Devi Dham Out of the 52 Shakti Peethas, the Shaktipeeth of the mother where the right chest of Sati fell and where the three Pindis of the mother are worshiped as a symbol of Devi. Formerly known as Nagarkot Dham, Kangra is one of the Shaktipeeths of Maa.

Brijeshwari Mandir Kangra

Kangra is situated at an altitude of 2350 feet above sea level. The city is situated between the Banganga and Manjhi rivers. The old fort in the south and the golden urn of the temple of Bajreshwari Devi in ​​the north are the main symbols of this city. Kangra Valley has toy train routed from Pathankot-Kullu and Dharamshala-Hoshiarpur roads.

Jawalaji Temple

Jwala Devi Mandir situated in Kangra valley. In Hindi Jwalaji Temple is also known as Jwalamukhi or Jwala Devi. Jwalaji Temple is located 30 km south of Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh and 56 km from Dharamshala. Jwalaji. In the valleys of Kangra, the Jwala Devi temple has nine eternal flames burning, attracting Hindu pilgrims from all over India. She is also known as the fiery goddess, due to her abode in the nine eternal flames of the temple. It is a wonderful temple that has no idol of God. It is believed that the Goddess lives in the sacred flames of the temple, which miraculously burns day and night without fuel from outside. thousand of the devotee are visited here all over the year. it is a beautiful place situated between hills of Kangra Valley. there is Beas River flows nearby city makes the beauty of city very wonderfull.

Jawala ji Temple

Chamunda Devi Temple

The temple of Chamunda Devi Ji is one of the ancient temples in India, which is located in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh, about 10 km from West Palampur, 24 km from Kangra and 15 km from Dharamshala. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Chamunda Devi, which is a form of Bhagwati Kali. Chamunda Devi Temple is also known as Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham. It is believed that the Chamunda Devi temple is inhabited by ‘Shiva and Shakti’. Lord Shiva is seated near the temple of Chamunda Devi who is known as Nandikeshwar. The temple of Chamunda Devi Ji is situated on the banks of the Banganga (Baner) river. The temple of Chamunda Devi has its own religious significance and this temple is of about 16th century. During the festival of Navratri, a large number of people visit the temple for worshiping.

Pilgrimage in Chamunda Himachal


Chintpurni Mata means a goddess she helps to get rid of tension and sorrows, the Goddess who fulfills the wishes, is located in district Una in Himachal Pradesh, some distance from Hoshiarpur in Punjab, about 3 km from Bharwai Bus Base, Chintpurni Devi’s temple is. worshiped in the form of Pindi. Here, the stages of Sati fell. It is said that just having a darshan of Chintpurni Devi is liberated from all worries.

Pilgrimage in Chintpurni Himachal

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple is in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a grand temple situated on the hills of the Shivalik mountain range. It is included in the 51 Shakti Peethas of the Goddess. Naina Devi is one of the holy pilgrimage sites of the Hindus. This place is on National Highway No. Is connected to 21. Tourists can also reach this place by their private vehicles. There are also arrangements for Uddankhatole, Palanki etc. to reach the temple. It is situated at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. It is believed that the eyes of Goddess Sati fell at this place. The Peepal tree is the center of the main attraction in the temple, which is many centuries old. To the right of the main entrance of the temple is the idol of Lord Ganesha and Hanuman. After crossing the main gate you will see two lion statues.

Pilgrimage in  Nana devi temple Himachal

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It is believed to be the vehicle of Lion Mother. The temple has three main sculptures on the planet. On the right side is the statue of Mother Kali, in the middle is the statue of Naina Devi and on the left is the statue of Lord Ganesha. There is a pond of holy water nearby, which is located at a distance from the temple. There is a cave near the temple which is known as Naina Devi Cave. Earlier, a trek of 1.25 km was done to reach the temple, but now Rope Way has been arranged by the temple administration to reach the temple.

Bagalamukhi Temple

Bagalamukhi Temple is a famous Shaktipeeth of Himachal Pradesh situated in Kotla town of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. This temple is the center of faith of millions of people of the Hindu religion. This temple of Bagulamukhi is considered to be the Mahabharata period. The form of the mother described in the manuscripts, the mother sits here in the same form. They wear garlands of yellow flowers, yellow jewelry, and yellow flowers. A fair is also organized here by local folks on ‘Baglamukhi Jayanti’. Every year on ‘Baglamukhi Jayanti’, people from different states of the country besides Himachal Pradesh come and get the blessings of the mother by doing havan, puja recitation for the relief of their sufferings.

Pilgrimage in Bagalampur Himachal Pradesh

Baijnath Shiva Temple

Baijnath Shiva Temple is located on the hill of Palampur in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The Baijnath temple established by two regional traders ‘Ahuk’ and ‘Manyuk’ in 1204 AD is a major attraction of Palampur and it is 16 km from the city. It is located at a distance. This temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva has been continuously constructed since its inception. This famous Shiva temple is 22 km from ‘Chamunda Devi Temple’ of Palampur. It is located at a distance. Baijnath Shiva Temple holds an important place for the religious faith of people coming from far and wide. This temple attracts a large number of devotees, foreign tourists and pilgrims from all over India throughout the year.

Pilgrimage in  Baijnath Himachal

Baijnath Shiva Temple holds an important place for the religious faith of people coming from far and wide. This temple attracts a large number of devotees, foreign tourists and pilgrims from all over India throughout the year. Prayers are offered every day in the morning and evening. Apart from this, special worship is done on special occasions and celebrations. The festival of Makar Sankranti, Mahashivratri, Vaishakh Sankranti, Shravan Monday, etc. are celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur.

The festival of Dussehra, which is traditionally celebrated for burning effigies of Ravana, but here in Baijnath is celebrated as an honor for doing penance and devotion to Lord Shiva by Ravana. Another interesting thing about the city of Baijnath is that there is no goldsmith shop here.

To reach Baijnath one can reach from Delhi via Pathankot or Chandigarh-Una by rail, bus or private vehicle and taxi. Air services are also available from Delhi to Pathankot and Gaggal in Kangra district.

Bijli Mahadev

Devbhoomi Himachal has many temples of deities. At the same time, there is an ancient temple of Bijli Mahadev atop a high mountain near the confluence of Beas and Parvati river in Kullu city of Himachal. It is believed to be the form of a giant valley snake. This snake was slaughtered by Lord Shiva. In the place where the temple is here, there is fierce celestial lightning once every 12 years on the Shivling. Due to which the Shivling is broken. The priests then attach the pieces of fragmented Shivlinga to the butter. After a few months, the Shivling changes into a solid form. This temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. a large number of devotees, foreign tourists, and pilgrims from all over India come here for worship.

Pilgrimage in Bijli Mahadev Himachal

Baba Balak Nath

There are many shrines in Himachal Pradesh, of which Baba Balak Nath Dham Diot Siddha is a divine Siddha Peetha in Northern India. This bench is on a picturesque hill called Diyot Siddha, 45 km from Hamirpur. Its management is under the Government of Himachal. Apart from the many deities in our country, nine Naths and eighty-four have been proven who live for thousands of years and even today, in their subtle form, they roam in the world.

Pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh

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