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Laughter Yoga – live Stress Free

What humans do not do to maintain their health. Everyone definitely does something to maintain health in their own way. Some work out regularly, some go to the gym, some go for regular walks. All these activities are right to keep the body healthy, but apart from all these procedures, there are some common yogasanas that every person can do at any time called Laughter Yoga.

Dullness, fatigue, and stress have become part of bustling life. Comedy yoga has a special effect to eliminate the negative effects of anger, fear, stress from life. Laughing, laughing relieve mental stress and the body’s resistance also develops. Therefore instead of laughing at someone, learn to laugh with everyone, then life will be healthy and happy.

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Dr. Madan Kataria(Laughter Yoga Teacher): When I was doing research on laughter, I found that we are happy in two ways. One is external happiness and the other is inner happiness. Of both, there is lasting happiness. This inner happiness can be increased by laughing. I say – Peace Inside, Peace Outside. There will be peace inside, only then there will be peace outside and it is possible to do so with laughter. I can say from my experience that laughter is an effective medicine. In real life, I laugh with a funny incident of health. There is a gentleman named Vishwamohan in Andhra Pradesh. He had almost every type of illness before joining Comedy Yoga. The special thing is that he used to tease a lot with laughing people. A leader of our Laughter Club invited him to Humor Yoga. They came from restlessness. There was a change in a single day that had not come in the last 20 years. They started coming regularly and their condition started improving. He used to take a variety of pills daily, but after six months his number decreased. Today, he is promoting Comedy Yoga through his experience.

Laughter Yoga – The Science of Breathing

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Loud and loud laughter increases blood circulation in the body. This makes the digestive system function more actively and also makes the lungs stronger. The contaminated air escapes out of the body. Laughing causes excessive sweating, which brings out body dirt. This removes a lot of stress. Initially, it seems a bit uncomfortable, but later it becomes difficult to stop the laughter. If you are tense and you are unable to take care of your body, you will not feel fit until you are balanced. “Laughing strengthens the body’s resistance and also improves blood pressure. According to the Center for Disease Control, it costs 10 to 40 calories of energy to laugh for 10 to 15 minutes every day.”

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According to the principle of controlling oneself and the psychological principle of encouraging oneself, those who want a happy life should keep in mind three things, freedom, ability, and connectivity with others. Says, “Those who cannot physically do much yoga, they find themselves more independent and connected to others in humor yoga.”

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