JustDubs Alternatives for Free To Watch English Dubbed Anime 2020

Do you love to Use JustDubs for English Dubbed Anime? Then this article for you. In this article post, we are going to discuss / Writing about Top 10 JustDubs Alternate Websites for Free in 2020.

In our Previous Post, We Already Wrote About the Best Alternatives to KissAnime 2020. If you don’t know. Then must check before reading this article. The fact is this, the number of websites gives such kinds of specifications and features free of cost.

Well, here are the Top 10 Shortlist JustDubs Alternates Websites. These Websites shortlist on the basis of Their Popularity & User Experiences. So you can pick the best of them.

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JustDubs : Top Working Alternatives of The JustDubs.

These are the Top JustDubs alternatives in 2020. This ranking is done according to the traffic and popularity on the World Wide Web. So, this shortlist will help you in choosing the Right JustDubs alternative for free.

22 JustDubs AlternativesWebsite & Monthly Search Volumes

  1. Kissanime – WorldWide 1792000 USA 1000000 searches / month (About 49,30,000 results)
  2. Crunchyroll – WorldWide 1511600 USA 823000 searches / month (About 26,900,000 results)
  3. GoGoanime – WorldWide 1164500 USA 1000000 searches / month (About 24,500,000 results)
  4. 9Anime – Worldwide 334100 USA 301000 searches / month (About 20,30,000 results)
  5. CartoonCrazy – Worldwide 110000 USA 110000 searches / month (About 10,50,000 results)
  6. AnimePlanet – Worldwide 109490 USA 90500 searches / month (About 30,90,06,000)
  7. Anime Heaven – WorldWide 88800 USA 74000 searches / month (About 15,65,000 results)
  8. Anime Streams – WorldWide 61700 USA 22200 searches / month (About 30,90,00,000 results)
  9. Chia-Anime – Worldwide 60500 USA 60500 searches / month
  10. AnimeLab – Worldwide 57830 USA 6600 searches / month
  11. AnimeFreak – Worldwide 49500 USA 49500 searches / month (About 1,42,00,000 results)
  12. MasterAni.me – Masteranime – Worldwide 47800 USA 27100 searches / month (About 21,30,000 results)
  13. Anilinkz – Worldwide 29200 USA 14800 searches / month (About 2,06,000 results)
  14. SideReel – WorldWide 22500 USA 8100 searches / month (About 16,50,000 results)
  15. AnimeSeason – Worldwide 18700 USA 9900 searches / month (About 19,30,000 results)
  16. Animeland – WorldWide 17740 USA 9900 searches / month (About 31,30,000 results)
  17. Daisuki – Worldwide 11900 USA 0 searches / month (About 94,10,000 results)
  18. AnimeShow TV – WorldWide 11400 USA 6600 searches / month (About 22,30,000 results)
  19. WatchDub – Worldwide 5590 USA 3600 searches / month
  20. Anime Streams – Worldwide 4240 USA 2400 searches / month (About 3,57,000 results)
  21. Anime Story – Worldwide 1320 USA 1000 searches / month  (About 97 results)
  22. AnimePark – Worldwide 450 USA 320 searches / month (About 1,32,000 results)

Kissanime :

“Watch Anime Online on KissAnime We Can Watch and Download High Quality Anime Episodes for free no register Needed. Various formats from 480p up to 1080p. Enjoy Watching on Kiss Anime.

Crunchyroll :


Watch the best anime online and legally stream simulcasts including Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and more.

GoGoanime :

Watch anime online in high quality with English dubbed + subbed. Here you can watch online anime without paying, registering. Just come and enjoy your anime and use tons of great features…

9Anime :


9Anime Watch Anime Online in high quality with English SUB, watch Online 9 anime videos and Download High Quality Anime Episodes for free.

CartoonCrazy :

Cartoon Crazy

You can watch cartoons and anime in high quality online., Watch full episodes online at CartoonCrazy.net. Stream your favorite anime and cartoons using pure fast video players. CartoonCrazy is a great place to watch your favorite shows for free. select up to 25000 episodes for free! make sure to bookmark our website, Thank you!

AnimePlanet :

Anime Planet

Anime and manga recommendations, reviews and more! Keep track of what you’ve seen in your own anime and manga list and make new friends.

Watch Anime Online: Stream over 45,000 legal, industry-supported anime episodes here on Anime-Planet. Create your anime list on Anime-Planet and we’ll keep your place when you watch videos on our site.

Animeheaven :


AnimeHeaven.to is the best anime’s online website, where you can watch anime online completely free. No download, no surveys and only instant premium streaming of animes. The latest animes online & series animes and highest quality for you. Enjoy your favorite animes with AnimeHeaven, AnimeHeaven updated responsive design – mobile friendly interface, watch animes online on mobile devices!

Watch the best Anime from the comfort of your living room, no restrictions on how much you can watch. AnimeHeaven is free

All the sites mentioned above are free to use and some of it like Crunchyroll, also come with premium plans.

In case you have any more names on your knowledge as JustDubs alternatives websites, then write with us or comment below on post.


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