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IOS Vs Android – Best Comparison for Both

Currently, only two operating systems are running in the smartphone market. First Apple’s iOS and second Google’s Android. The number of Android users is more than the iPhone. This question is quite old, which is better in Android and iPhone. Sometimes there is talk about security and sometimes performance. Today we will talk about how different the iPhone is from Android and how safe?

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First of all talk about the performance, the performance of the iPhone is well known, although now Android smartphones with better performance are also present in the market, the best thing with the iPhone is that the iPhone rarely hangs, while Android has some time Afterwards, the problem of hanging starts. Apple’s operating system is much smoother than iOS, Android and iPhone’s processor, graphics are also faster than Android in many respects.

Software Updates

Talking about the software of the iPhone, the biggest thing is that Apple also releases updates for the iPhone around 5 years old, while this is not the case with Android. In Android, you get a maximum of two years of software updates. Apple’s Animoji is awesome. IOS 13 is the fastest operating system at the moment. You will be surprised to know that Apple has full-time experts who choose the best apps. Prabhu Ram told about the software and the app that the app is checked on the app’s app store before it is published, whereas this is not the case with Android. In this case, the probability of reaching malware in Android phones is more than that of the iPhone.

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Security and Privacy

Talking about the privacy and security of the smartphone and there is no discussion of the iPhone, it is not possible. You can get a sense of how serious Apple is about the privacy of its users. Apple keeps maintaining user’s privacy and doesn’t share it to anyone even the government.
So Apple’s security is much higher than Android. There have been reports of opening the Face ID of many Android phones through photos, but this is not the case with the iPhone. Apple has now eliminated Face ID on iPhone and has given Face ID which is quite fast and secure. Apple does not compromise data security. Apple has special architectures for privacy and security.

Device Security

Android is quite open and flexible compared to iPhone’s iOS which gives many benefits to developers and users, but when it comes to the arrival of a malware in the phone, Android weakens because Apple releases an update If it does, then it gets immediately to the users, while the update of Android is not available to the users immediately, because all the Android mobile manufacturers companies Zen offers custom user interface (its UI) in. In such a situation, even after releasing the update by Google, users are not able to get the update quickly. There are millions of Android mobiles that have not received new updates.

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The security of the iPhone is like a closed garden with strong walls around it. These walls are between apps and operating systems. Apple scrutinizes all types of third party apps closely and only then the app is published on Apple’s app store. In such a situation, the possibility of malware reaching an iPhone is zero.

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