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India will build its own space station in space: ISRO chief

India is preparing to create its own space center in space. It will be one of the most ambitious projects in Indian history. The ISRO chief informed about this. India has fixed the date for this project by 2030. By using a 20-ton space station, India will be able to use the microactivism associated with it. The main purpose of creating this space center is that the astronauts of India can spend 15-20 days in space.

India Space Bhawan
India Space Bhawan

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India will not take any other country’s help in fulfilling this project. Right now, America, Russia, and China have their own space station. Other countries use the International Space Center in space. The Space Station Project is an extension of the Gaganayan Mission.

The government has already released a budget of Rs. 10 thousand crores for the Gaganayan Mission. Before unloading the vehicle with the humans in 2022, two unmanned vehicles will be sent in space.

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ISRO’s focusing its former mission Chandrayaan-II. Chandrayaan-2 will fly on July 15 and try to land near the southern pole of the moon. Chandrayaan-2 is an advanced version of Mission Chandrayaan-1 in the East. Chandrayaan-1 has launched 10 years ago.

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