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Impact of coronavirus on international tourism

Today there is talk of coronavirus in the mouth of everyone around the world. All are scared of it and are visibly shocked. This virus started in China is engulfing the whole world today. In such a situation where people are adopting different measures to protect themselves. At the same time, people are also avoiding going out of the house. In such world-famous places where people are crowded every year. Today, just seeing peace. So let’s know which is the place where crowds of people used to see huge amounts earlier, but now only peace is being seen.

Angkor wat Temple in Cambodia

The Angkor wat temple of the Hindu god Vishnu, located in Cambodia, is famous all over the world. Every year around 20 lakh devotees come here to visit. There is a crowd of devotees throughout the year. But now due to the spread of Coronavirus, this temple is seeing peace at once. The crowd of tourists is no longer visible here.

Angkor wat Temple in Cambodia
Angkor wat Temple in Cambodia


Mecca located in Saudi Arabia is the holiest place for Muslims. The holy place Kaaba is crowded with people throughout the year. People come to visit the holy earth of Muslims during Hajj and all the time. But it was closed a few days ago due to Corona. In such a situation, people were forbidden to come here. Even though it has been opened now, due to fear, people are still reaching here in small quantities.


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Japan is called the country of the rising sun all over the world. People from all over the world enjoy coming here and enjoying its beauty. If we talk about Tokyo, the capital of Japan, then millions of people like to come every year to see its beauty and the day-to-day view. But now people are not thinking of going here due to Corona wreaking havoc all over the world.

Cherry blossom japan


Thailand is considered one of the best tourist destinations to visit. A large number of tourists like to come here. The nightlife and shopping market of its capital Bangkok is quite popular. Due to the cheap goods here, people especially come and shop here. But today, fear of coronavirus has enveloped the whole of Thailand. Talking about Indians, they do not face any problem in getting visas to reach here. But due to these conditions, tourists going to Thailand have become less or less say that it has become negligible. According to the tourism ministry here, where the tourists used to stay in the Grand Royal Palace of Bangkok, now their count has almost halved.


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Rumors related to Coronavirus

The coronavirus has now taken the form of an epidemic. The virus, which originated from the Wuhan city of China, has spread to 114 countries and is gradually spreading its footprint in India as well. The WHO has issued an advisory to ward off the virus, due to which people are being asked to caution.
Meanwhile, on social media, a lot of news is getting viral on social media about the coronavirus, some of which are being told some truth and some lies. Keeping this in mind, WHO has told some myths and facts, which everyone should know.

Myth: Can alcohol or chlorine kill the coronavirus?
Truth: Spraying alcohol or chlorine on the body will not spread pre-existing viruses but can be harmful. In such a situation, it is necessary to use it under the correct recommendation.

Myth: Letter or package from China is not safe?
Truth: People are not at risk of coronavirus from a letter or package coming from China. According to research, viruses do not live long on such objects.

Myth: The virus is spread by pets?
Truth: There is no evidence that pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the coronavirus. However, it is sensible to wash hands with soap after contact with pets.

Myth: Does anti-pneumonia protect against the vaccine virus?
Truth: Pneumonia vaccines, such as pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenza type B (HIB) vaccine, do not protect against coronavirus.

Myth: Eating garlic will remove the coronavirus?
Truth: These days many messages are going viral on social media, claiming that the consumption of garlic will prevent corona infarction while it is wrong.

Myth: How dangerous for the elderly and children?
Truth: Because the immune system of the elderly and children is weak, they are at greater risk. At the same time, the elderly are already vulnerable to asthma, diabetes, heart disease, due to which they can fall prey to it.

Myth: Antibiotics are effective in the treatment?
Truth: Antibiotics are not effective in protecting against coronavirus. It works only for bacteria and corona is a virus.

Myth: Eating Chinese food is also a threat?
Truth: This is completely wrong. The WHO did not consider Chinese food to be a risk factor to spread the coronavirus. So you will not get this virus by eating Chinese foods.

Myth: cow dung or cow urine will cure corona?
Truth: Before you believe these things, let me tell you that this thing is completely wrong. No drugs have yet been made for the coronavirus.

Myth: Is Drinking can avoid coronavirus?
Truth: The claim of avoiding the Coronavirus from the consumption of alcohol is false. According to WHO, people should use alcohol handwash and hand rub to avoid coronavirus.