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How to protect yourself from diseases during the rainy season

The rainy season is a season of inviting diseases, because the rains in this season spread mosquito and bacteria diseases caused by waterlogging, mud and dirt in many places. Apart from this, bacteria grow more due to moisture in the weather, which contaminate water and foods, cause diseases of


Malaria is a common but serious contagious disease caused by rain, which is caused by mosquito bites caused by waterlogging. The disease is spread by the bite of the female anaphylaxis mosquito. To avoid this, do not allow water to accumulate around you. keep clean your home and nearby areas.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever is also spread by mosquito bites, but take special care of mosquitoes that spread dengue that flourish in clean water. This disease, spread by the bite of Aedes mosquito. results in severe pain in the patient’s entire body and joints. To avoid this, avoid mosquitoes and keep the body completely covered before leaving the house and Don’t get wet in the rain.

Viral fever

It is common to have viral fever as soon as the rain starts. Due to increased moisture and changes in the environment, people are vulnerable to it. mostly Children fall prey to it. Usually, this kind of Fever lasts for several days and climbs and descends. The patient becomes very weak and the body becomes very week and does not function properly.

The easiest way to avoid viral fever is to protect yourself from getting wet in the rain. Take turmeric milk before sleeping at night. Gargle with warm water so that the throat is relaxed. Avoid food that takes too much time to digest.

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Diarrhea is the most common problem during the rainy season, which is caused by a bacterial infection. Diarrhea along with abdominal cramps are prominent in this. This is especially due to the intake of polluted water and food items during the rainy season, so keep the food items covered, boil and sieve the water and drink it, and take something only after washing hands.

Cold and Flu

Cough and cold is a problem that comes with every changing season. The cough may be due to bacterial or viral infection, allergy, sinus infection, or cold. Many types of viruses can cause a common cold.


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