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How to make Password Protected ZIP file

when we have to need to send a bundle of files to someone by mail or data sharing portal we have to bind all files to one folder. because a group of files not possible to transmit or many websites has set the limit for sending files. in these situations, ZIP or RAR is one of the best options. The need to make the most of the archive file is only when we have to share a file with someone. While sharing a file, it is most important that the person we are giving access to can access that file (ZIP or RAR). here we are sharing some steps to make password protected ZIP.

Any file you share with anyone, especially zip or RAR, it is a very good thing to have a password so that no one can access your file without permission. The biggest advantage of doing this is that even after the file goes into the hands of a wrong person, he will not be able to use it wrongly. To create an archive file or to set a password, your PC / laptop must have WinRAR software installed.

  • First, you select the files and right-click. then click Add to archive option.
zip file

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  • Click on the archive name.
  • Choose the archive name.
  • Now click on the Set Password option.
zip file password
  • Now a new dialog box will open. set here password for your folder
  • Enter the password you want to keep.
  • Then write the same password
  • Then click Ok.
zip and rar file

Now your ZIP file becomes password protected. nobody can open or access this file without a password. so this is a very safe and secure way to share data on the mail or online data-sharing portal. it is the best way to share a password-protected ZIP file.

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