How to care for your Pets?

Pet animals have become household members with changing times. Of course, the happier the pets are, the more they will live your life. If there is a loneliness in life then they prove to be out. They give life and protect if they need protection.pets are good friends and play an important role in our life.they can connect with us very well. everybody wants to pets at home. here are some tips for pets care.

Raising animals is a bit of old practice, but now people are trying new ways to take care of their pets. According to the pet-based magazine Creator Companion, the pet care market in India was $ 30 million in 2003, but it has increased to $ 640 million last year. Pet grooming and other pet care services have increased exponentially, and information on pet services and other mediums on the Internet is constantly increasing.

pet cat

Everyone loves pets. In fact, they are very cute too. If you love pets then you will definitely have a belly at home. Most people prefer a dog or a puppy. The dog is considered the best friend of man. They not only protect the house but also entertain your heart. Playing with pets can also relieve your tiredness throughout the day. Also, your children can play with puppies. Seeing your pets becomes a member of your family. This is why it is important to take care of pets. Sometimes the care of the pets starts causing problems, but you can take good care of it by giving a little time. If you have a favorite pet, of course, you don’t want anything bad to happen to them. In such a situation, it is important that you know some ways of caring for them. It is not difficult to learn at all. You can take good care of them by adopting some easy methods.

Bringing Pet at home

First of all, look for good pets. Choose a breed that matches your lifestyle. Do not buy a pet that requires extra attention to care. You have to prepare the mantle before bringing the pet home. You want to bring a new member of the house. It is just like a new baby coming to the house. You have to be ready to give him time and attention. only them we can care our pets.

Aquarium fish

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The basic needs of pets include both space and time. You have to spend time with them so that they are not disturbed in the new environment. Although they will live in your entire house, they will also need personal space.

  • Before choosing a large size stomach, check the size of your house and also decide their living space. It is often seen that people take a large size dog like Labrador, Dalmatian or Great Dane Pal, but soon they realize that the house is not fulfilling in terms of pets.
  • It has to be understood that if your stomach does not get enough space to stay in the house, then it will also remain depressed.
  • Can fix some part of the house for the pet. For example, space can be set under stairs or on terraces.
  • This place can be decorated or decorated according to the weather. In the summer keep a light cushion for their seating and in winter a quilt or blanket can be kept.

Bringing Pet Fishes

It is better to keep the fish in the living room. Seeing them continuously makes one feel relieved. Before bringing fishes, it is important to know which type of fish can live with which type of fish. If they do not, the fish can kill each other. The aquarium should be at least 2 feet long, one and a half feet wide and one and a half feet high. It will be available for around 1500 rupees.

Pet Life Information
Dog – 6 to 15 years
Cat – 10 to 15 years
Rabbit – 8 to 12 years
Rat – 2 to 4 years
Fish – 2 to 4 years

Pets and Environment

If you are thinking about raising animals of an exotic breed, then also take care that the weather of your city is fit for it or not. In any case, do not buy or adopt a small dog for 6-8 weeks. A dog under this age needs a lot of breast milk and if it is not found, he may become ill. Animal Right Activists recommend people in India to adopt street dogs. Many NGOs continuously drive street dog adaptations on social media and websites. For this, camps are also organized. Keep an eye on them. After vaccination, they are given for adoption. So they are safe.

Regular Medical Checkup of Pet

A regular medical examination of your pets is necessary. Regular checks keep your pets healthy and keep your expenses from increasing. If the pet has any physical problem with the regular examination, it will be known in time. Before any problem grows, by doing a medical examination of it, your pet will be protected from a serious illness. Get him anti-rabies injection every month. This will not cause infection to anyone when they bite or have a tooth.

Pet Rabbit

Teach Pets Well

Teach pets well. Teach people to meet other pets and people. Teach the pet to follow your orders like lifting, sitting, stopping. By training your pet will also be safe and he will not have any problem in social behavior. The best way to train is to have the pets join the class as well. At the age of 4 to 6 months, animals get absorbed in-class behavior.

Pets and Cleanness

  • Take care that their nails and hair do not grow too much. When dogs grow nails, they make sounds while walking. Enlarged nails call the infection.
  • Keep their ears and nose clean. Cotton buds can be used for this.
    Bathing in winter for 2 days a week would be fine.
  • Many people put detergent or Dettol etc. in the water while bathing the dog or cat. Do not do this at all. This can cause skin problems.
  • If your dog’s breeds feel excess heat, keep it in the same cool place.
    Take special care of cleaning in the rainy season because insects and infections spread very fast this season.
Play Yard for Dog and Pets

What to do if the pet bites

  • The risk of infection in the pet after cutting is negligible.
  • Do not bother due to minor scratches. Apply antiseptic cream after washing with water.
  • If the wound is big and deep, wash it immediately and go to the doctor.
  • When a pet bites, people often beat or lock it as punishment. this is not right. They also do this in a charge. They do this when they feel threatened or when they feel that something they love is going away from themselves.

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