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What is Hospitality Management? How to make a career in Hospitality Management.

Due to the increasing number of tourists, the hospitality industry is witnessing a boom. According to the report, this year more than 83 thousand people can get jobs in this industry. You can also make a career in this sector, ready to welcome. There is also a lot of development in the hospitality industry in the country. This industry has covered a very large area, which includes everything from living to catering, better employment options are being created in it. Countless employment opportunities exist in the Hospitality Management industry.

Hospitality and tourism are constantly changing and developing industries. If one day there is a trend of organic food, then the other day everyone is talking about traditional dishes. Here you get to see two types of things, one is short-lived and the other is long-lasting. In such a situation, the formula for success in this field is that you always pay attention to what is most discussed and practiced. Remember that every guest coming to your hotel, cottage, the guest house should be VIP for you. Any person takes time out of his busy schedule to go for a walk. In such a situation, it is your duty to welcome the guest by treating them politely and warmly.

Hospitality Management in India

India has emerged as a favorite destination among foreign tourists and there has been a rapid increase in the number of tourists visiting here in the last few years. This can also be seen in the hotel industry. The development of the hotel industry in India can also be gauged from the fact that in the Asia Pacific region, India is second only to China. Looking at the possibilities in this field, if you take a course related to hotel management, then a bright career can be made in the future.

Hotel Industry and Tourism Sector

The hotel industry is directly connected to the tourist. If tourists come, the hotel industry gets a big boost. According to the 12th World Plan, 11.24 million foreign tourists are expected to visit India by 2016. There will also be 1451.46 million domestic tourists during this period. According to the Planning Commission, by 2016, about 5 million rooms will be needed in the country.

Hospitality Management jobs in india

How to get entry

12th pass students can get a diploma or degree in Hotel Management. The National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology institutes have a joint admission exam for admission to the BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Management course. For this, it is necessary to have 50 percent marks on the 12th.

Which courses

According to Kamal Kumar, director of LBIIHM, after 12th, courses such as BA in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hotel Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Science, BSC Hotel Management and Catering Science Huh. Its duration is from 6 months to 3 years. In addition, PG Diploma in Hotel Management, MSc in Hotel Management and MA in Hotel Management courses can be done. Its duration is 2 years. Personal skill

In addition to the attractiveness of the personality of the students wanting to make a career in this industry, the communication skill for this should also be excellent. Along with logical thinking, administration skills should also be good.

Hospitality Management Courses In India

Job opportunities

According to Dr. Anju Saxena, executive director of the Sundardeep Group of Institutions, after taking a hotel management course, you can start working as a management trainee in the hotel and hospitality industry. In addition, hotels include kitchen management, housekeeping management, airline catering, cabin services, guest or customer relation executives in the service sector, fast food chains, resort management, cruise ship hotel management, guest houses, hospital administration, catering, railways or banks or Jobs can also be found in catering or canteens, etc. in large institutions.

Salary package

You can get 12 -18 thousand rupees per month in the early stages of your career. After gaining some years of experience, the salary can be good.

E-marketing era

National Conference on Social Media and E-Marketing organized by Jaypee Business School Noida. In this, research and new information based on social media and e-marketing were shared. On this occasion, JIIT Noida Vice-Chancellor Prof. SC Saxena said that there has been a lot of change in a business organization through technology. In his speech, Dr. Y Meduri, CEO of JES, emphasized the revenue model being developed and used by e-business. Subsequently, Asia Pacific India of NIIT Technologies and Middle East President Arvind Mehrotra spoke on the topic of Self Service Propagation Using Digital Assets for Customers and Inside the Organization, how social media is helping industrial organizations influence consumers’ sentiments. Gunit Singh, head of Google Consumer Marketing, drew attention to the new media and advertising strategy being adopted by Google. Prof. of IMI Delhi Dr. Nina Sondhi threw light on ways to engage customers in the virtual world. Representatives from MMTC, IMRB, JP Hotels, JP Greens, JP Cement, JILIT and JP Corporate Communication, etc. participated in the conference.

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