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Holi 2020 – Tips for Play Safe Holi

The Holi festival is near. Holi is a festival in which a lot of salty dishes are made with gujiya (Indian food dish). This year Holi will be celebrated on 10 March 2020, on the other hand, Holika Dahan (Holika Dahan 2020) will be done on 9Mar and 10 March 2020. As soon as the spring season starts, the festival of colors, Holi, is eagerly awaited. But at this festival, are the colors used in squirrels, balloons, dyes, and gulal(pink color) safe for your skin and hair? The dry gulal(pink color) and wet colors used in Holi are not made from natural products.

Let me tell you that in all these colors, chemicals like mica, lead is found, due to which not only irritation in the skin but also these colors get deposited in the head. Many times because of this, your skin irritates for a long time and the fun of Holi starts to get gritty later. If you do not want to do anything like this with your skin and hair, then follow the special tips given before and after Holi. So let’s go home for Holi screen and hair care. Holi is a festival of love and colors. Holi will be held on the 10th of March 2020.

holi in india
Holi 2020

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Applying sesame oil on the entire body and face will not only remove the color easily but it will also protect your skin from getting affected. To remove these stubborn colors, make a pack by mixing honey, papaya and Multani Mitti and Scrub it on the body. This scrub will not only clean your skin but will also help in removing darker colors. Holi colors can cause pimples, in addition to skin irritation or rashes. For this, you can apply rose water to the affected area. Rosewater is cool and its use provides relief in the affected area and reduces the chances of developing rashes.

Effective Tips for Skin and Hair Care on Holi 2020

  • Holi is played in the open. In such a situation, the heat of the sun also damages the skin. The UV rays present in the sun’s rays dry the skin and darken the complexion. In such a situation, you can consider the festival of Holi without any tension by doing some home remedies.
  • Apply 20 SPF sunscreen on the skin for about 20 minutes before playing Holi. If your skin is allergic, then you use a sunscreen with more than 20 SPF. Most sunscreens have moisturizers. If your skin is dry, apply sunscreen first, then after some time use moisturizer.
  • Before playing Holi, use hair serum or conditioner on the hair. This will protect the hair from dryness reaching from Gulal and will also prevent damage from the rays of the sun.
  • Hair cream with sunscreen is easily available in the market nowadays. Take a little hair cream and spread it on both your palms and give a light massage to the hair. Apart from this, you can also massage pure coconut oil.
  • While playing Holi, colors fill in our nails. To avoid this, massage the nail varnish on the nails.
  • After playing Holi, it is very difficult to remove the frozen color from the skin and hair. For this, first wash the face with clean water, after this apply a cleansing cream or lotion. After some time, wet the cotton and clean it. The cleansing gel is very helpful in removing frozen colors on the face.
Happy Holi 2020

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  • Mix sesame, olive oil, sunflower oil or any vegetable oil in half a cup of cold milk. Soak the cotton in it for a while. With the help of this, you can remove the colors of Holi quite easily. Scrub the body with the help of loofah while taking a bath. After bathing, apply moisturizer on the body and face. This will keep the moisture in the body and the happiness from the colors will also be reduced.
  • If you are itching after playing Holi, mix two spoons of vinegar in a mug of water and apply it on the skin. This will eliminate itching. If you still have itching after doing this, consult a doctor.
  • To remove the color from hair, first, wash the head with fresh water. After this use mild herbal shampoo. Lastly, you can also use beer.
  • Mix lemon juice in beer and use it after shampoo. Leave it on the hair for a few minutes. After this, wash again with clean water.
  • Holi colors make our skin dry. To make it soft, on the next day of Holi, mix two spoons of honey in half a cup of curd. After this mix a little turmeric in it. Apply this mixture on every part of the body, including the face, where the skin is dry. After applying it for 20 minutes, wash it with fresh water. This will remove the blackness present in the skin and make the skin soft. At the same time, heat one spoon pure coconut oil and one teaspoon castor oil for hair and apply it on the hair.
  • Soak a towel in warm water and squeeze it on the hair. Repeat this process four to five times for five to five minutes. This will help in removing the colors while depositing oil in the head. After one hour washes the hair with clean water. Doing this will not bring happiness in your head.

So this year, you must also enjoy Holi with colors, but keep in mind that your hair and skin are damaged in some way.

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