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Health Benefits of Mint

Mint leaves are mainly used in making the sauce. Its spicy sauce doubles the taste of food. Mint is not a staple food, but its presence increases the taste of food. In addition, mint leaves are rich in medicinal properties. Mint contains menthol, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin-A, riboflavin, copper, iron, etc. According to Ayurveda, dried mint reduces phlegm and relife paralyze, increases appetite. You can also use peppermint to remove stool-urinary diseases and physical weakness. It is also used to cure diarrhea, dysentery, fever, stomach diseases, liver disorders, etc.

mint leaves

Types of Mint

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Apple Mint
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Wild Mint
  • Water Mint
  • Mentha Nemorosa
  • Mentha Crispata

Nutrition Facts (100 gram)

  • Calories 70
  • Fat 0.9 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 31 mg
  • Potassium 569 mg
  • Carbohydrate 15 g
  • Dietary fiber 8 g
  • Protein 3.8 g

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Benefits of Mint

  • Use of mint to remove stomach upset
    In general, stomach upset occurs due to changes in food and drink. Add salt and chili in a decoction of 10-15 ml mint. Stomach disease is cured by drinking it. Sometimes eating junk food or eating spicy food leads to indigestion and abdominal pain. Brewing mint or tea of mint provides relief.
  • Use of peppermint to dry wounds
    Applying a paste on the mint leaves not only reduces the odor from the wound but also heals the wound quickly. Apart from this, make a decoction of the leaves of mint. By this, washing the wound also heals the wound quickly.
  • Mint Beneficial for beauty
    Mint is not beneficial for health but beneficial for beauty. That is why mint has been used in many beauty products as well. It provides new energy to the skin cells. Also, does not lose skin moisture. Being antiseptic, it is being used as a body cleanser, soap, and body wash. If your skin is oily, mint facials will be right for you. To make this, make a thick batter with two tablespoons freshly ground mint, two tablespoons curd, and one tablespoon of oatmeal. Apply it on the face for ten minutes and wash the face.
  • Helpful in reducing weight
    The benefits of peppermint leaf can also be effective in obesity. A scientific study has also assumed that mint juice can reduce appetite, which can prevent over-eating habits. Consequently, it may help to control weight.
  • Mint sauce is very useful
    Mint sauce is very useful. The sauce is made by mixing pomegranate with pomegranate, green raw tomato, lemon, ginger, green chili, rock, black pepper, celery. Its use is very beneficial for the stomach.
  • To increase immunity
    Mint leaves contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, D, E, and small amounts of the vitamin B complex. It is believed that all these things are helpful in boosting immunity, that is, increasing immunity. Due to all these, the body gets maximum protection against diseases, improves its immune system and the body is also protected from infection and inflammation.
  • Used to reduce stress
    Mint leaves also have all the properties of reducing stress. Since the menthol in it relaxes the muscles and due to being natural anti-spasmodic, the consumption of mint tea provides great relief in mental stress.
  • Good For Pregnant Women
    Usually, when women are pregnant, they are prohibited from consuming many things, but peppermint is such a thing, which is also good for pregnant women. This is also a good remedy for pregnant women because it helps to remove morning discomfort, that is, morning sickness, by activating the enzyme required for digestion.
  • Good For Liver
    Mint is very beneficial for the liver. Few people know about this, but it is true that due to the nutrients present in the mint, the liver works well, so the peppermint should be consumed regularly.
  • Prevent cancer
    This is also surprising, but the truth is that mint helps in preventing cancer. There are many such medicinal properties in it, which have an effect on even cancer. Since mint leaves contain a variety of enzymes, mint has been found to be helpful in preventing the disease.