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Google to Share View’s with scientists on Air Quality Data

As part of a bigger effort to track contamination, Google is releasing air quality data for scientists that it composed from California’s Bay Area and Central Valley with its Street View cars underneath Project Air View. The data was taken over the last three years and contains measurements that were reserved after wildfires in the Wine Country area and from the agricultural areas of the Central Valley, Engadget stated on Wednesday.

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Google first began preparing its Street View cars with air pollution devices in Oakland in 2012 after a suggestion by the Environmental Defence Fund. The Internet-connected air quality devices in the cars detect greenhouse gas methane, as well as particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and more, the stated in the description. The company already has alike ventures underway in Houston, Salt Lake City, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London. By the end of 2019, the google plans to develop Project Air View to other continents including Asia, Africa and South America.

Additionally, the company is also preparing to equip 50 more Street View cars with air quality devices by the end of the year, the report added. Though the full data set is not accessible to the public, experts have been asked to appeal the access through a form.

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