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Freedom in the World 2020 – India Ranked 83rd Position

A report called ‘Freedom in the World 2020’ was recently released by Freedom House, an American organization. The status of independence has been evaluated in 195 countries during the year 2019 under the report. India’s position has not been reported in this report.

Two indicators have been used to prepare the report, which includes political rights (0–40 points) and civil liberties (0–60 points). In this report, Finland, Norway, and Sweden have got 100 out of 100 points while India has been ranked 83.

India in Freedom in the World 2020 report

  • This report cites various restrictions imposed by the government in India in Kashmir.
  • India has been ranked 83 in this report along with Timor-Leste and Senegal.
  • Among countries classified as ‘independent’, only Tunisia has scored lower than India.
  • India ranks lowest among the world’s 25 largest democracies this year. This year, India’s score has fallen by four points to 71.
  • India has scored 34 out of 40 in the political rights category, but in the civil liberties category, it has got only 37 out of 60.
  • India got 75 marks in the previous edition of this report.

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Due to the Weak State of India

  • Freedom in the World 2020 report says that the shutdown has been done in Kashmir by the Government of India. At the same time, apart from the Citizens Register and Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the situation of India has weakened due to large-scale protests.
  • The secular and inclusive nature of India has come under threat due to the protests and the government’s stand in India.
  • According to this report, the present government has distanced itself from the country’s plurality and its commitment to individual rights, without which democracy cannot survive for long.
  • The report states that India has long been viewed as a democratic deterrent to China and therefore India is an important strategic partner of the United States in the region. Now, this approach is changing and India is facing criticism on democratic issues like China.