Flipkart Trivia Quiz December 23, 2020

Flipkart Trivia Quiz is live. this quiz is available live under Game Zones. the quiz is an app-only quiz and available for both Android and iOS device users. it offers participants a chance to win coupons, prizes, and other gifts.

Flipkart Trivia Quiz

Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with the answer that may help you win super coins, coupons and other gifts.

Dubbed the Asian Nobel, Ramon Magsaysay Award is named after a President of ___ ?


The leaves of which tree make up most of the diet of the Koala?


Which country’s prime minister was Saad Hariri who resigned recently due to mass protests?


Developed in the 19th century, the Henry Classification System is used for identifying ____ ?


What iconic logo was designed by an American university student Carolyn Davidson?


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