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Figs – A Repository of Nutrients!

Figs contain copious amounts of copper, sulfur, and chlorine. Vitamin A is found highly in fresh figs. Whereas vitamins B and C are normal. Sugars and alkalis are found three times more in dried figs than fresh figs. Which is very beneficial for health. It is not that only men can consume it. Everyone can consume it. Fig is a fruit. Which is also consumed after drying. usually, fig fruit is not available in every season but its dry fruits are easily available. Consuming 5-6 figs daily can save you from many diseases.

This small pear-shaped fruit has no special strong aroma but is succulent and pulpy. It can be light yellow, dark golden or dark purple in color. The whole skin can be eaten with seeds and pulp. Figs contain carbohydrate 63 percent, protein 5.5 percent, cellulose 7.3 percent, lubricating one percent, mineral salt 3 percent, acid 1.2 percent, ash 2.3 percent, and water 20.8 percent. Apart from this, about one-fourth of 1 gram of figs per 100 grams of iron, vitamins, small amounts of lime, potassium, sodium, sulfur, phosphoric acid and gum are also found. This is a good milk option. Fig is a delicious, healthy and versatile fruit. Consuming figs makes the mind happy. This makes nature soft. Eliminates weakness and eliminates cough. Let us tell you what are the benefits of consuming figs.

Figs fruit

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Types of Figs

There are mainly five types of figs. Each type has its own distinct taste and sweetness. The different types of figs are as follows:

  • Black Mission: Its color is black or light purple from outside, while it is pink from inside. This fig is not only sweet to eat, but it also contains juice. It can be used to enhance the taste of cake or food.
  • Kadota: This fig is green and has a purple pulp. It is the least sweet of all varieties of figs. It can be eaten raw, but it can also be eaten by heating it and adding a little salt over it.
  • Calimyrna: It is greenish-yellow from outside. Its size is larger than other varieties and its taste is also different.
  • Brown Turkey: The outer color of this fig is purple and the pulp is red. It tastes lighter and less sweet. It is used to enhance the taste of the salad.
  • Adriatic: Its outer layer is light green and pink inside. Due to its light color, it is also called white fig. It is the sweetest and can be eaten as a fruit.
Figs for health

Natural properties of Figs

• They contain vitamins A, C, E, and K.
• They are also rich in niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, and folate.
• It contains sodium and potassium.
• It contains minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc.
• They also contain beta carotene and lutein.
• They contain phenols, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids.

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Health Benefits of Figs

  • Make our bones Strongs– Figs contain a lot of calcium, which helps in strengthening bones.
  • Hypertension problem– Low potassium and high sodium levels lead to hypertension. Figs are high in potassium and low in sodium, so this prevents the problem of hypotension.
  • Constipation– Boil 1-2 ripe figs in milk and eat it at bedtime at night and drink milk from above. It provides relief in constipation or keeps 1 fig in the water at night. Chew it well in the morning and drink its water. In a few days, the problem of constipation will go away forever.
  • Back pain– Take fig bark, dry ginger, coriander all equally and soak it in the water at night. Sieve and sip the remaining juice in the morning. It provides relief in back pain.
  • Asthma– It is beneficial to eat figs in asthma which brings out phlegm. It brings out phlegm and the patient gets relief soon. Eating 2 to 4 dried figs in milk in the morning and evening reduces the quantity of phlegm, brings new power in the body and reduces the disease of asthma.
  • Colds and coughs– Boil 5 figs in water and filter this water and drink it in hot morning and evening, it provides relief in colds. Boil 5 figs in water and boil it and filter this water in hot morning and evening. Drinking water is beneficial in cold. A dry cough is cured by taking figs. Fig benefits the patient with chronic cough because it keeps the mucus thin and keeps it out. eating 2 fig fruits with mint will remove the accumulated phlegm on the chest slowly. cough is cured by drinking a decoction of ripe figs.
  • Headache– After consuming a bark of fig tree in vinegar or water and applying it on the head, headache is cured.
  • Piles– Put 3-4 dried figs in water in the evening. Crushing figs in the morning and eating it on an empty stomach in the morning every day cures piles.
  • Cure blood pressure and blood disorders– Boil 10 dry grapes and 8 figs in 200 ml milk and eat it. And drink the same milk. This causes an increase in blood and cures blood-related disorders. Cut two figs in half and soak them in a glass of water overnight. Drinking water in the morning and eating figs increases blood circulation.
  • Best in Asthma – figs in asthma in which phlegm (mucus) comes out is beneficial. It brings out phlegm and the patient also gets relief soon. – Feeding a few figs daily makes stool clean and regular in chronic constipation. Eating 2 to 4 dried figs in milk in the morning and evening reduces the quantity of phlegm, brings new power in the body and reduces asthma disease.
  • Skin Care– Consuming figs very beneficial for the skin and can be applied directly by mashing them. It prevents wrinkles and Makes skin soft. it has amazing attributes to Skin rejuvenation.
Figs tree