Darjeeling: The Himalayan Heaven

Darjeeling is located to the north of the state of West Bengal and is located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas. The districts of Darjeeling are bordered with countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. It is situated at an altitude of 2134 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mighty peaks of the Himalayan. The plays here are very attractive and it is a famous hill station.

Darjeeling is a town in India’s West Bengal state, in the Himalayan foothills

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Darjeeling is not only famous all over the world due to tea but also due to its beauty, this city attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of the residents here are Buddhists and most of the Nepali and Bengali languages ​​are spoken in Darjeeling. There are many places to visit in Darjeeling, but there is also a good option to shop here. This is the reason that every month millions of people reach to visit Darjeeling. Darjeeling always attract visitor to come here and give a chance glance the beauty of nature

Darjeeling attention points

  • Darjeeling derives from two Tibetan words “Dorje” and “Linga”. Dorje is the symbol of Thunderbolt while Linga means Area or Spot. Hence, Darjeeling is famous for thunderclap in the sky or shining lightning.
  • Rangit Valley Ropeway of Darjeeling is the largest ropeway in Asia. While traveling through this ropeway, you will find yourself amidst the clouds and you can also see the view of green tea gardens below from the ropeway which is quite charming.
  • Darjeeling is also famous for “Toy Train”. The toy train ride is available only in Darjeeling due to which it is considered special. The toy train runs very slowly so that you can admire the beauty and natural scenery of Darjeeling. Let us tell you that in 1919 the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.
  • From Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, we can have an amazing view of hitting the first ray of sun on the top of Kanchenjunga mountain. Apart from the beautiful views of the rising sun, it is also famous for the changing colors of snow. rainbow view in a rainy session is one of the most beautiful and astonishing experiences in Darjeeling.
  • Darjeeling is a paradise for tea lovers. Even if you are not fond of tea, you can visit the huge tea gardens like Happy Valley Tea Estate.
  • Darjeeling is very diverse in both cultures and religions. Due to which the market here is very wide. You can buy local handicrafts, various fabrics from existing cultures, Buddhist artifacts, Tibetan carpets and much more from Darjeeling. Apart from this, Darjeeling tea and Himalayan honey are also very famous.

Himalayan area

Best place to visit Darjeeling

  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
  • Tiger Hill
  • Batasia Loop
  • Darjeeling Ropeway
  • Nightingale Park
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Best Time to Visit

Darjeeling has many tourist spots worth visiting. So you should come here only after planning a tour of at least one week. These days you can see many places here. April to June is the best time to visit Darjeeling. However, a lot of people also prefer visiting during the winter months. The months from October to March see a sudden change in the weather, as by the end of October a slight cold reigns in the area. but the traveler doesn’t have to take worry about changed winter because Darjeeling is the hub of tea. we can take a sip of tea at any time in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling culture

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