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Coronavirus – Tips To Take Care in Lockdown

Coronavirus has become a deadly pandemic. The virus has spread from the Wuhan city of China to the whole world. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused havoc in countries like China, America, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Britain, Japan, etc. Thousands of lives have been lost due to the Coronavirus Outbreak worldwide, while millions of people are infected and continue to grow rapidly. Therefore, the WHO has declared the coronavirus an epidemic in view of a large number of deaths due to it. Now to save the world from the threat of this virus, scientists of many countries are engaged in making vaccines of Coronavirus. Coronavirus infection can be spread by touching, sneezing or coughing of an infected person. Mild fever, cough, heaviness, etc. are symptoms of this virus. If any such symptom is visible in you, please consult a doctor immediately or go to the nearest health center.

The number of people who died from infection with the Coronavirus (Coronavirus disease – COVID-19) has increased to 59,160. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it an epidemic. To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, it is very important to recognize its symptoms. The coronavirus can be controlled only by identifying the symptoms.

All the world facing Biggest Lockdown. Lockdown is an emergency system that is applied in an area during an epidemic or a natural disaster. In the event of a lockdown, people are not allowed to leave the houses. They are only allowed out of the house for medicine or food and drink essentials. Lockdown is a situation when people are imprisoned in a confined area. In fact, the common people are prevented from going outside. Lockdown means that you stay where you are. In a lockdown, you can be limited to a building, locality, or state, country.

If your area is locked down then you should stay in your house. You leave your house only when there is a very important job. Normal operation is not allowed in lockdown. Here are tips should follow everybody while Lockdown to make it a success. Take care in lockdown like this.

Eat Nutritious Food
Till the time the vaccine is developed to deal with this virus, then all of us are at risk of it. And when the vaccine arrives, it is difficult to say. That is why it is important to keep the immune system of the body in order. A nutritious diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will help you stay healthy. They are essential not only for physical health but also for mental health.

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Have a good sleep
Our immune system needs good food as well as good sleep. The less sleep the body gets, the more easily it will become ill. If you are getting stressed by watching the news related to the coronavirus day and night and this stress is hindering your sleep, then try to get away from the phone and TV just two hours before bedtime.

By exercising, some chemicals are released in our body that makes us feel good, helpful in sleep and keeps us fit. And it is not necessary to leave home to exercise. Workout for ten minutes in the morning, afternoon, evening at home. If you do not like to exercise alone then play videos on YouTube or download an app.

Talk to friends
This is the time of social distancing. And at this time it is even more important to be close to your loved ones. Not in digital form, in real terms. Video chat with your family members every day, call or message your friends and keep asking about their condition. In the same way, you can also prepare a variety of activities for your children, which they will do with their friends on the phone or computer.

Stay busy
Staying at home all day can be very boring. Keep yourself so busy that even trouble cannot touch you. This is a good chance to complete your unfinished business. Any old hobby can be started again. Read books, cooking, sewing, painting, whatever you like. If the whole family works together, house cleaning will be easier.

It is very important to stay positive in this environment. Do not panic at any cost. After waking up in the morning, try to meditate with your eyes closed for some time. Due to the lockdown, there are no vehicles on the streets and the sound of birds chirping has been heard, which people in the cities had forgotten. It will be easy to concentrate on this sweet voice.

Follow the routine
For those who have a habit of going to work every day, staying home means lingering in bed all day. But now that every day is starting to look like Sunday, do not do it. Instead of laziness, prepare a routine. Drink daily from that routine. In such a situation, there will be fun at work from home, time for exercise will also come out and Nanda will also be completed.

Avoid fake news
If you are at home, obviously you are spending more time on the phone. And in the meantime, there is a lot of forwarded messages on WhatsApp with Corona. Many of these messages may be fake. So whenever someone forwards a message to you, google it. If you have given the same information in a reliable source, then only believe it. And if the news is not true, do not forward it.