Coronavirus – Positive Effects of lockdown

Due to the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus, on one hand, the country is facing many kinds of damage. On the other hand, some benefits have also come out of this lockdown. When the whole world is sitting in their homes for fear of Corona, then there is a smile on the face of the earth. The branches of the trees are fluttering and the birds’ songs are echoing on them and they have got from the earth to the sky to sing. The air has cleared and the forehead of the cities is glowing. This view of nature can be seen all over the world including India. Let us know what we have benefited from this lockdown.

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Great benefits to the Earth in lockdown, which was rarely possible

  • Pollution levels Decrease:
    Smoke from vehicles is closed, smoke from factories is closed, after work from home, a large number of ACs are closed in the office, which has a clear effect on the air and our environment. The air has completely cleared. Daily analysis of pollution from the Center for Science and Environment revealed that due to the lockdown, the pollution levels in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru air have been reduced so far. The city in Mumbai was locked before other cities. Because of this, the average PM 2.5 level on the day of Janata curfew was 61 percent less on 22 March.
  • Rivers become clear:
    If the factories are closed due to lockdown, then the wastewater coming out of them is not going in the rivers at this time. People coming to the riverside is also stopped, due to which there is a huge reduction in plastic and other waste. Now each of the country’s rivers is flowing uninterrupted. There is an improvement of 40 to 50 percent in many places in the waters of Ganges and Yamuna. The work that governments could not do in decades was done by a 21-day lockdown.
  • Earth’s vibration reduced by up to 30%:
    In the midst of the Corona crisis, most countries either have a lockdown or there are orders for people not to move out of their homes. In this situation, half the world with a population of about four billion is closed in homes. The pace of transport and industry businesses has also stopped. Due to all this, the vibration of the earth was reduced by 30 to 50%. Earth was shivering due to pilots, machines, noise pollution and all kinds of human activities. Now seismologists are detecting even very small earthquakes. According to the Royal Observatory in Belgium, these vibrations are caused by the movement of buses, cars, trains or factories. In Brussels alone, the vibration of the Earth was reduced by 30 to 50% in March.
  • Improvement in the ozone layer:
    Due to this lockdown, positive changes are being observed in the ozone layer called the Earth’s Defense. The most damage to the ozone layer was occurring over Antarctica, scientists have found that this layer is now improving significantly. According to the latest research published in Britain’s leading scientific journal Nature, which is responsible for the loss of the chemical ozone layer, this improvement is happening due to a reduction in emissions.

    Obviously, this lockdown cannot be sustained for long, after it is over, we will all again join the disaster of a life, but the changes from this lockdown will definitely bring changes in the way we live our lives.
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