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Cold Diseases & Remedies

The onset of cold days brings with it many health problems along with changes in temperature. To avoid them, prevention and treatment at the right time are necessary, even more, important is the identification of these diseases. You can avoid them only if you have information about cold diseases.

Colds, Coughs, and Soreness

It is common to have a cold in cold weather, but if it is not taken care of properly, it can cause cough, cold and sore throat health and that is a bad effect on our health. To avoid these, avoid eating or drinking cold things and keep the body clean and covered properly. Gargling salt in a sore throat is a good option.


Headache due to cold is also normal, but to avoid it, you will need to avoid cold winds. These days, cover your head with a cloth, cap, stole or muffler so that there is no cold air and the heat remains.

Breathing Problems

Generally, there can be difficulty in breathing during winter, but asthma patients may have a lot of difficulty with this. This problem can be serious due to cold air or going to cold places. Know the ways of avoiding it properly and keep the medicine with you.

Joints Problem

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This is also common in cold days, but to avoid them, you will need to adapt to massage and proper exercise. Also, special care has to be taken on your food and drink.

Blood Pressure

During winter, high blood pressure can also cause heart problems. For this also you will need to focus on exercise and the right treatment.

Chest Pain

Chest pain may occur due to phlegm or other reasons as cold increases. But if you are also coughing, then this chest pain can also cause irritation as well as difficulty in breathing.


Changing the weather does not only affect health, but also mental health. For example, the mental balance of many women is disturbed in winter. They become depressed. This is due to hormone imbalance due to short days in winter and lack of vitamin D in the body.
Prevention Measures- If you want to avoid depression in winter, then instead of locking yourself in the house for the whole day, take natural sunlight, that is, go in sunlight and get sleep.

Itchy skin

One of the most common problems people face during winter is the itching of the skin. The skin starts itching due to low humidity in winter. The best way to prevent skin itching is to follow your grandmother’s prescription. Avoid eating oily street food. You can massage almonds, coconut or olive oil on the skin.

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