Climate Change

Climate Change – Save The Earth

Biodiversity and ecosystems in tropical regions are deteriorating globally due to pressure from climate change and human activities. Researchers at Lancaster University in Britain have claimed this. He visited more than 100 locations around the world for this study, where tropical forests and coral reefs (coral reefs) were affected by disasters such as hurricanes, floods, heatwaves (droughts), droughts and fires. Human activities are responsible for climate change. Researchers said, “If we reduce only carbon dioxide emissions internationally then the climate change trend can be changed. Earth’s average temperature is still around 18 degrees Celsius, although geological evidence suggests that it has been very high or low in the past. But now in the last few years, there is a sudden rapid change in the climate. The weather has its own specialty, but now its manner is changing. Summer is getting longer, and winters are shorter. This is happening all over the world. This is climate change. Now the question arises why is this happening? The answer is also not hidden from anyone and often the ‘Green House Effect’ is on people’s tongue.

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The Main Reason of Climate change

  • The cutting of forests has increased this problem further. The carbon dioxide which the plants used to absorb, is also dissolving in the atmosphere. Emissions of other greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide have also increased due to human activities, but their volume is much less compared to carbon dioxide. the man takes many benefits by cutting forests. The wood used by it is used in making its goods, burning food, building houses, etc. After the forest is cleared, he occupies the place and uses it for farming or builds a house in it. Tree plant is very important to keep the air pure. Apart from this, tree plants are very useful and to prevent climate change it is necessary to save them.
  • Factories are considered to be the most polluting, as being around it also makes it difficult to breathe. Apart from this, vehicles are taken in polluters. All of them contribute to the spread of air pollution. Apart from this, there are many such examples, which become the factors of air pollution. Air pollution causes heat to rise and climate changes as heat increases.

Scientists believe that the gases we are leaving in the atmosphere through industry and agriculture (called emissions in scientific terms) are making the layer of greenhouse gases thick. The rise in temperature and change in vegetation pattern has forced some bird species to go extinct. According to experts, one-fourth of the Earth’s species may become extinct by the year 2050. In the year 2008, polar bears were added to the list of animals that could become extinct due to the rise in sea level. By 2050, the global demand for food on one side will increase by 55% and yield will decrease by 30%. According to this report, 3.6 billion people worldwide do not get enough water for at least one month in a year. By 2050, 5 billion people will suffer from it.

Climate Change and life

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How to Save our Earth

  • By curbing harmful practices to the environment, diversifying the food system and making production and consumption more sustainable, we can improve global health, increase food security, and strengthen tolerance to climate change.
  • By cultivating the habit of eating seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, it can be ensured that there is a demand for the right food in the right season.
  • Make Earth Pollution Free. Unite to Prevent Pollution in whole the world and have to stop the use of plastic.
  • Consume less, waste less, enjoy life more
  • Do not Waste Water and Food. both are the basis of human life.
  • Green the earth. this is the most effective way to solve this problem. we should take steps to green our earth and plant trees on earth.
  • Use energy wisely – Move toward Solar Energy.

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