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Chocolate Hill – The wonder Hill’s of World

Chocolate Hill is found in the Bohol province of the Philippines. Due to the beauty and amazing views of these hills, people also call it the eighth wonder of the world. The hills are spread over the cities of Sagbayan, Batuan, Carmen, Bilar, Sierra Bullons, and Valencia. Looking at many places in the world, the question comes to mind whether there can be any such place in the world. People who roam around are always looking for new and beautiful places. So today we are going to tell you about one such place, which you will not be able to believe even after seeing it. We are talking about Chocolate Hills located in the Philippines. Tourists come from far and wide to see these hills, one of the natural wonders. Let us know many more things about these mountains.

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Why is it called Chocolate Hills?

This Chocolate Hill’s is made of limestone and is covered only by grasses. The grass here is in the shape of a cone and is almost the same size. When the grass dries during the summer season, it turns brown. Its color is exactly like the color of chocolate. For this reason, the hills are called Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills has over 1,268 triangular shaped hills. The Philippines Located in Bohol, this mountain is built in an angle shape, which looks like chocolate from a distance. Spread over 50 square meters, the height of these mountains is about 100 to 160 feet. This mountain is located about 700 km south of Manila, the capital of Bohol Philippines.

Chocolate hills

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Two resorts have been prepared here. One is in the city of Carmen which is known as the Chocolate Hills Complex and the other is in Sagabayan known as Sagbayan Peak. The older resort from them is the Carmen Complex which is about 5 kilometers from the city. The Chocolate Hills Complex is under government. There is a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a hotel with a swimming pool. Standing on the highest peak built here, people come from abroad to see these mountains spread far and wide. The sight of light on these mountains in the morning is even more beautiful

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