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Chili’s – Health Benefits with Spicy Test

Eating more spicy or spicy foods can cause a number of health problems along with burning sensation in the chest and stomach. If you eat green chilies, you can enjoy the pungent taste. Green chilies contain many nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, C, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Protein, and Carbohydrate. Not only this, healthy things like beta carotene and kryptoxanthin are also present in it. Know what benefits you can get from eating green chilies.

Many people like to eat spicy, while some people avoid spicy food. The chili may be spicy, but its benefits are many. Not only this, small looking chili is not only beneficial for your health but also prevents many diseases. If you eat fresh and green chilies with food, it provides vitamin C. So often you have noticed that many people like to eat the chili with salad while eating. If you do not eat chili, then it should be used slowly, as it is very beneficial for your health. Let us know how else can we benefit from using chili?

Scientific Name :Capsicum Annuum
Family :Solanaceae
Common Name :Chilli, Red Pepper, Mirchi

Chili's in india

It is generally thought that spicy or spicy food is not good and can cause a burning sensation in the stomach or chest. But the green chili present in the kitchen not only enhances the taste of the food but also has many health-related benefits. Green chilies contain many nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, C, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Protein, and Carbohydrate. Not only this, but there are also healthy things like beta carotene, kryptoxanthin, lutein-xanthin, etc.

Chili's tree

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Benefits of Green Chilli

  • Beneficial For Skin
    Eating spicy green chilies is beneficial for both health and beauty. These strengthen the immune system from the skin to the body. Eating green chilies daily helps to maintain healthy health. Green chili contains a compound called capsaicin, which makes it spicy. Eating chili clears the blood and blood flow in the veins rapidly, due to which there is no problem of pimples on the face. Chili is found in a sufficient quantity of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Green chilies are found in many vitamins, which are beneficial for the skin. If you eat green chilies, your skin improves.
  • Decreases Obesity
    Putting green chilies in a vegetable is more beneficial in eating with food than with food. Using it regularly reduces your fat. Because the anti-oxidants found in it control obesity and prevent fat formation.
  • Cancer Prevention
    They do not deteriorate for several days by breaking the green sticks. Chili contains certain elements called anti-oxidants that prevent cancer. Chilli also contains vitamin-C. Fresh green pepper is equivalent to an orange. That is why we should eat it daily along with food.
  • Extremely Beneficial in Malaria
    If you have a malarial fever, green chili can be very beneficial for you. During this time, you do not have to eat the chilies, instead, extract one green chili seed and tie it in the thumb for two hours. In this way, tying two or three times stops malaria fever. Although this method has proved to be effective for most people, if there is no benefit from it, one should contact the doctor directly.
  • Make Moods Happy
    If you are in depression or in an upset mood, then chili is helpful in correcting your mood. Even if you are taking it as a joke, it is absolutely true because green chilies are also known as mood boosters. It circulates endorphins in the brain, which helps our mood to remain pleasant to a large extent.
  • Protect Against Bacterial Infection
    Green pepper has anti-bacterial properties, which keep the infection away. Therefore, eating green chilies will not cause skin diseases due to infection.
  • Increasing Iron n Body
    There is often a deficiency of iron in women, but if you eat green chilies every day, then your deficiency will be fulfilled. It also contains Vitamin C. But, they should be kept in a cool place because green chilies lose their nutrients.

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