Chandrayaan-2! Dream break, not courage

Chandrayaan-2 Lander Vikram (Vikram) of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost contact with the ISRO headquarters on Saturday when it was only 2.1 kilometers from the lunar surface. The whole world was seeing Chandrayaan-2 of India. Congratulations were received from abroad for this mission. Prayer was also done to get everything right there.

But at the last moment, some disappointment was felt, which also made the Indians frustrated. the mission still remains. This mission has been in the news all over the world. but the whole world is appreciating ISRO.


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According to ISRO Only five percent of the mission – Lander Vikram and Pragyan Rover – has been damaged, while the remaining 95 percent – Chandrayaan-2 orbiter – is still orbiting the moon successfully. it Can send The images of the moon surface and the orbiter can also send pictures of the lander, which can give information about its position.

Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft has three sections. Orbiter (2,379 kilograms, eight payloads), Vikram (1,471 kilograms, four Pelot) and Pragyan (27 kg, was two payloads).

ISRO chairman Sivan said that although we have lost contact with Chandrayaan 2’s lander, they will keep trying for the next 14 days to re-establish contact with the lander.

Sivan further said that for the first time we will get the data of the lunar polar region. This information of the moon will reach the world for the first time. The chairman said that the fixed lifetime of the Arvitor revolving around the moon has been seven years. It will continue to work for 7.5 years. It will be able to cover the entire moon globe for us.

PM and Chandrayaan-2 team

After this, PM Narendra Modi addressed ISRO scientists on Saturday morning. During the speech, the PM encouraged everyone associated with the mission. During this time, there was a disappointment in ISRO Center for not completing the mission, ISRO Chief was also emotional after Modi’s speech ended.

Chandrayaan-2 lost contact with ISRO. The mission remained incomplete. However, hope remains. PM Narendra Modi reached ISRO headquarters. He encouraged the scientists. He said that he himself and the whole country stands with ISRO. after that, a video came out. In which ISRO Chief’s hug and PM became emotional. People encouraged and appreciated ISRO on Twitter.

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