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Chamba – Most beautiful & attractive destination in India

Chamba valley in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful tourist place. It is worth visiting many places in this mountainous region, but Chamba has its own unique feature. Actually, if you did not go to this special place of Himachal Pradesh, even if you live in India, a country with many cultures and civilizations, then you will not be called a successful wanderer. Even after doing so many trips, your journey is incomplete if you did not travel to Chamba. Today we will tell you about the merits of Chamba valley in this Himalayan region and the fascinating places which are only in this state of North India. If you are preparing to go somewhere, then this time come to Chamba valley.

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The heart-warming Chamba valley season will remove all your suffering. The city of Chamba is said to be named after its princess Champawati. Princess Champavati is said to have visited a monk every day for education. This made the king suspicious and one day he followed the princess to the ashram. He finds no one there but is punished for suspecting him and snatches his daughter. There was a voice in the sky that the king would have to build a temple here to make atonement. The king built a beautiful temple near the Chaugan plain. People call the Champavati temple as Chamesni Devi.

Heart of Chamba – Chaugan

There is a huge ground in front of the Champavati temple, which is called Chaugan. In a way, Chaugan is the heart of Chamba city. At one time, this ground of Chaugan was very large but later it was divided into five parts. Apart from the main ground, there are now four small plains. Every year in July, the famous Pinjar fair of Chamba is held at Chaugan Maidan. There are a total of 75 ancient temples around Chamba. Prominent among these temples are Lakshminarayana Temple, Hariraya Temple, Chamunda Temple.

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Bhuri Singh Museum

To know the history of any city, a museum must be seen here. Of course, the Bhuri Singh Museum of Chamba is small, but its management is unmatched. There is a beautiful gallery of miniature paintings on the first floor of this museum. It has paintings made of Guler style. Old black and white photos of Chamba city can also be seen here.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is situated on a hilltop on the way to Dalhousie and Khajiyar. It is surrounded by mountains, calm and atmosphere. The Kalatap Century, situated amidst greenery, is very beautiful. It is made in such a way that you can move around it while trekking. Here you can see species of indigenous birds such as pheasants, Eurasians, and gray-headed canaries. When you get tired while walking, all the fatigue disappears as soon as you set foot in the cold water of the Ravi river flowing nearby.

kalatop chamba

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Shopping in Chamba

Kullu shawl is famous in Himachal, but Chamba shawls are also beautiful like shawls of Kullu. While walking in Chamba city, you can buy beautiful shoes made of Chamba. These shoes are specially made for women. While shopping in shops in the main market of Chamba city, a little bargaining can be done.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Chamba valley is Pathankot, which is 120 km from Chamba. is far. From there you can reach Chamba by bus or taxi. After reaching the Pathankot railway station, one can also travel further by bus and cab.

Best Time to Visit Chamba

March to June is the best time to travel to Chamba. pleasant weather with moderate temperatures can enjoy this time. Summer in the valleys of Chamba valley is warm with cold nights. mostly any times in a year is a good time to travel Chamba. In the rainy season, you can avoid travel Chamba.

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