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Batu Caves – Attractions of Malaysia

Batu Cave Temple in Malaysia is very famous. After reaching there, you will feel that you have reached a South Indian temple. The Batu temple is a center of great reverence among the Tamils ​​living in Malaysia. If you stand outside the Batu cave temple in Malaysia, you will feel as if you are standing in a temple in Tamil Nadu. Gopuram adorned with South Indian style, a huge statue of Lord Murugan and shops selling puja items. The atmosphere that is seen in any South Indian temple in India. But this place is near Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, thousands of kilometers from India.

Old temple Batu caves

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Batu Caves is a limestone hill located in the Gomback district of Malaysia. there are s series of caves and cave temples here. the hill is 13 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. there is a beautiful river following behind the hills called the “Batu river”. Batu caves got its name from the “Batu River”. The cave here is a very famous religious site of Hindus outside India, especially for the Tamil people. The cave temple is dedicated to Kartikeya (Murugan), the eldest son of Shiva and Parvati. This place is the focal point of Thaipusam, a festival celebrated by Hindus in Malaysia.

This cave is the holiest shrine for millions of Tamil Hindus living in Malaysia. This cave is one of the most favorite places of tourists in Malaysia. It is the main attraction point for the visitor they come here. The visitor has to clips 272 stairs to reach till Cave temple. at too top you will see a huge limestone cave, which almost 100 + meters high. There is definitely a different feeling when you go inside this cave. it gives very peacefully and The spiritual experience for all visitors who visits Cave temple.

Batu caves stairs

A few years after the cave was discovered, Tamil businessman K.K. Thambusamy Pillai came here. He liked the shape of the main gate of the cave, like the upper end of Lord Murugan’s spear. Seeing this, he got the idea to build a temple here. In 1891, he installed the idol of Lord Murugan here. Gradually, this place became famous as a pilgrimage among Tamil Hindus living in Malaysia. From 1892, Thaipusam, the festival of Tamil Hindus, began to be celebrated here. It is celebrated in late January or the beginning of the month of February.

A grand program takes place in this temple during the Thaipusam festival. Devotees walk 13 km from the Shree Mahamariamman Temple located in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, to the Batu Temple. People who dance and sing as a procession reach the Batu temple. Millions of people gather here during Thaipusam. The Thaipusam here has become one of the largest and popular Hindu festivals celebrated outside India.

Now the popularity of Thaipusam celebrated here has spread all over the world. People from all over the world come to Kuala Lumpur to get a closer feel of this festival.

Batu Caves

How to reach

Batu cave is about 13 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. Taxi, bus or train can be taken from Kuala Lumpur to get here. you may not face any difficulties to reach Batu Caves. if you are Indian you will feel like home at the place.

Best Time to Visit

you can visit any time of the year in Batu Caves. if you are great fond photography they reach their early morning till 8:00 am.visitor start to reach early in the morning. Over 5,000 visitors a day come to visit the famed Batu caves. To get to the caverns one has to climb 272 steps. The Caves are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day.

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