Avatar 2 – James Cameron shares stunning picture of series

With the highest grossing film ‘Avatar’ in this world, it was already announced that this film will come on the big screen not once, but four times in the next eight years. It is going to start but it will have to wait for more than two years.

James Cameron has announced the release date for the second part of Avatar. The film will be released on 17 December 2021. You will have to wait a long time to see this vision of cinematic charisma at Christmas. The film has been booked until 2025. The release date of the next four parts of Avatar was already fixed but now it has changed. The sequel i.e. ‘Avatar-2’ will be released on 17 December 2021 instead of 18 December 2020. The third part was earlier reported to be released on 17 December 2021, the fourth part on 20 December 2024 and the fifth part on 19 December 2025, but now changes will also be made.

Avatar 2  movie

Director James Cameron shared a set picture in which the set is on fire and the 3D camera captures it. James had also previously shared photos and videos from the set of Avatar 2. Avatar 2 will be released in 2021, 12 years after the first avatar.

‘Avatar’ is the highest-grossing film of all time in the world. The film had made a record by grossing around $ 2.8 billion. No film has broken the record of this movie so far.


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