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Animal Bridge -A great idea that Saves lot of wildlife!

It’s hard to say how many animals die on the roads every year, but it is estimated that up to one million of them die run over every day in the US. Fortunately, efforts are being made around the world to reduce animal mortality. The first bridges for animals were built in France in the 1950s; Since then their designs have evolved. Check out 20 huge animal crossings around the world. for thousands of years, humanity has been developed a lot of things and become very advance in technology. This does not mean that we have forgotten our companion animals. It is estimated that one million animals are driven per day in the United States alone. There are six lakh four hundred thousand kilometers of roads in that country, With two hundred twenty-six million registered vehicles, it is no surprise that this figure is so large. Many countries have realized this, so they have designed simple solutions so that animals can cross the streets quietly.

1. Wild Animal Crossing, Belgium

This step is located in Genk. The eco duct Kikbeek crosses the E314 motorways, of the European road network, linking the university Belgian city of Leuven with the German city of Aachen.

Wild Animal Crossing, Belgium

2. Austria-Slovakia

This Ecoduct was opened in 2007 with the construction of the A6 motorway or Northeast Highway. The road links the Austrian city of Bruckneudorf with the Slovak city of Bratislava, the capital.

Ecoduct In Austria

3. Wildlife Pass, Banff Park, Alberta, Canada

It began in 1996, 11 species of large mammals – including bears, elk, and puma – have used crossing structures more than 200,000 times. its amazing creation of humans to show our love and concern for animals. this bridge saves many animal’s life every year.

Wildlife Pass, Banff Park, Alberta, Canada

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4. Woeste Hoeve Ecoduct, Holland

This eco duct that established on the A50 motorway is perhaps the most significant and representative of the 600 wildlife bridges that exist in the Netherlands, the country most committed to the care and preservation of wildlife.

Woeste Hoeve Ecoduct, Holland

5. Tunnel for Elephants, Kenya

It is the first step for this type and for animals. it is located in Kenya, specifically in the capital Nairobi. these corridors are very beneficial for elephant crossing. it saves many elephants’ lives.

Tunnel for Elephants, Kenya

6. Animals Bridge in the North of Brabant, Holland

Red deer, wild boar, badgers, and foxes inhabit the Netherlands. Fortunately, this bridge will ensure that you do not have to deal with cars. its appreciable steps from Holland govt for saving wildlife.

Animals Bridge in the North of Brabant, Holland

7. Animal Crossing in Banff, Canada

A herd of elk crosses one of the wildlife bridges of Banff National Park in Alberta. Two tunnels on either side of the Trans-Canada Highway arc in semi-circles that end bluntly on the pavement below. Against the odds, cedar trees and wildlife have taken root here, giving the overpass an edge of the greenery. At the edges, wire fences provide safe passage for roaming animals. “These overpasses have actually been very effective for wildlife,” says Park Canada’s human-wildlife conflict expert Steve Mitchell, as he closes the section of highway that bumps Banff National Park.

Animal Crossing in Banff, Canada

8. Doornpoort Ecoduct, The Netherlands

Built to join the two halves of a national park divided by a railroad track. this is especially develope for Deers. this animal bridge saves a lot of wildlife and human lives.

Doornpoort Ecoduct, The Netherlands

9. Watchung Reserve – Interstate 78, New Jersey

This is located in New Jersey, United States. The road crosses the Watchung Reserve. this bridge is filled with trees and other Vegetations look like a green forest line.

Watchung Reserve - Interstate 78, New Jersey

10. Monkey Bridge in Bahia, Brazil

Bridge designed to allow several native monkey species to move between two wooded areas outside the threat of cars. It is an amazing bridge to save a lot of monkey’s lives. you can see many monkeys playing on the bridge any this whenever going from this highway.

Monkey Bridge in Bahia, Brazil

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11. Overpass near Lake Keechelus, Washington, USA

Interstate 90 is vital to the northwestern United States, however, this busy road has also proved lethal to the abundant wildlife in the area. Opened in 2015, bears, deer and elk are among the species that have benefited most from it. this bridge saves many lives over the year.

Overpass near Lake Keechelus, Washington, USA

12. Snow Tunnel, Finland

In Finland, more than 90 species of mammals cohabit, so the need for a tunnel like this arose. This wildlife crossing can be found under a highway in Finland.

Snow Tunnel, Finland

13. Animal Bridge, Montana, USA

The bridge that crosses Interstate 93 near Evaro, Montana. It is located in an indigenous reserve, an area inhabited by Native Americans for more than 14,000 years. this bridge becomes very useful for wild animals that lost their lives in accident whiles closing.

Animal Bridge, Montana

14. Tree Covered Pass in Singapore

This tree-covered animal pass is keeping animals safe over a highway in Singapore.

Tree covered pass is in Singapore

15. Wildlife Crossing in Germany

Germany is living up to its environmentally friendly image by spending millions of euros on building bridges just for animals. Over a hundred wildlife bridges are to be built over the next decade. Germany shows its concern about wildlife and wants to develop country Eco-friendly. that is why they spend a lot of money on saving wildlife. it is a great and indicative move from the German government to save wild lives.

animal bridge Crossing in Germany