An innovative way to lift up ground water level

It is astonishing fact that there is a situation of flood in one area in the rainy season in India while other areas are severely drought. Despite the abundance of rain, people yearn for every single drop of water and in many places, the situation of conflict is also born. The main reason for this is that we did not accumulate the natural rain water provided in nature and it became contaminated water in vain. On the other hand, groundwater was exploited indiscriminately as a result of humane lust but not returned the water extracted from the earth. This led to the decline in ground water level and the gravity of water borne. According to an estimate, about 1.4 billion people of the world have no access to pure drinking water. Nature has given the precious life-saving property ‘water’ in the form of a cycle. Humans are an integral part of this water cycle. It is compulsory for the continuous movement of this water cycle. Therefore, the water we have taken from the treasure of nature has to be returned to us, because we can not create water ourselves. Therefore, our responsibility is to protect rain water and save the natural water bodies from pollution and not to waste water at any cost.

Monsoon in India
Monsoon in India

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The whole world is stressed over the water emergency. In any case, to take care of this issue, there is a need to incorporate with full obligation and honesty at all levels. We should not sit by hand clasping hands on the water-conflict. It is important to manage this at exactly that point today and tomorrow (present and future) will be sheltered. There are numerous logical strategies for this, the best way – Rainwater Harvesting – for example aggregation and accumulation of downpour water and legitimate administration and supply as required. this procedure, very useful for the whole earth and life.

Rainy session in India
Save Rain Water

Rainwater is a priceless natural gift that gets almost every year without any discrimination. But in the absence of proper management, the river flowing in the rainless waste becomes merciless in the salt water of the ocean, due to the drains. Therefore, rain water harvesting is the only option to overcome the current water crisis. If there is a proper system of storage of rain water, not only will the city struggling with water crisis be able to raise water for its needs, but it will also recharge the ground water. Therefore it is necessary to save every drop of rain water in the water management of the cities. Our country had a tradition of water harvesting from ancient times and people tried to collect rain water. That is why wells, bawdy, ponds, rivers, etc. were filled with water. This led to ground water level rise and all water bodies were recharged. But due to human neglect, negligence, industrialization and urbanization these water bodies have often been dead. Many water bodies have turned into a garbage pit. Many water bodies have been illegally occupied. Due to the filling of soil and silt, their water-consuming capacity was over and they collapsed over time. Still, it is time that they can be saved by trying to revive many of these traditional water bodies. These water bodies can be made alive by accumulating rain water.

Paddy Farming in india
Paddy Farming in india

Many countries like Israel, Singapore, China, Australia, are using Rainwater Harvesting. Now the time has come, while in India the public must be encouraged to apply this technique. This is a very easy technique. Under this, rain water is stored in the form of drains/pipelines, thus preventing it from being wasted so that it can be used again. Warehousing can be increased in the ground water storage through rain water. In the current water conservation, it is not only necessary but also very cheap and beneficial. Until a few decades ago, people believed that the water reserves are unlimited and we would always get the desired water in some way. But with the continuous harness of water, the groundwater reservoirs were vacant and the ground water level continued to drop below. If this is the situation then soon the earth will be free from geological reserves. So the time has come that the amount of water we take from the earth should be returned to some extent in some way. This is possible only by rainwater harvesting. Our obligation is that we do not allow a drop of water to be useless. This will fill our water reservoirs and the water level will also reach the top.

The answer to the issue of worldwide water lacing is solved through this strategy. At exactly that point will our present and future be protected. gathered water is observed by soil. There are a few advantages of this strategy, which are as per the following:

  • Reduced dependence on ground water / government water supply
  • Agricultural possible in all areas
  • High quality and chemically pure water
  • The falling groundwater level can be lifted up

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