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Amazing benefits of Gooseberry

Gooseberry has been given a very important place in Ayurveda. Consumption or use of gooseberry in any form is beneficial. Gooseberry juice, gooseberry pickle, gooseberry churn, gooseberry chutney, gooseberry jam, gooseberry oil, and gooseberry is used in making Ayurvedic medicines these are the main methods of using gooseberry.

Health Benefits of Gooseberry

  • Gooseberry can be taken in any form. It does not reduce the quality of amla. You can take Gooseberry juice, Gooseberry powder, Gooseberry marmalade, Gooseberry pickle as per your wish throughout the year. If it is a season of gooseberry, then go for fresh gooseberry juice and raw gooseberry
  • Gooseberry is beneficial for the eyes. It brightens the eyes. Consumption of gooseberry improves cataract, night blindness and other diseases of the eyes. Taking amla and honey together helps to brighten the eyes and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Gooseberry is the best source of Vitamin C. gooseberry vitamin C is very powerful. 445 mg of vitamin C is found in 100 grams of gooseberry. Amla has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties
  • Gooseberry reduces the increased cholesterol level and keeps blood pressure normal. Gooseberry works to balance blood sugar in a diabetic patient
  • By drinking Gooseberry Juice regularly, the body is free from all kinds of toxic elements. Consumption of Gooseberry increases red blood cells.
  • Gooseberry makes bones strong and reduces the risk of bone disease.
  • Drinking Gooseberry juice provides relief in kidney stone disease. Gooseberry juice should also be taken along with medicines given by the doctor.
  • Gooseberry has been considered effective in reducing obesity by accelerating metabolism
  • To cure phlegm and sore throat, take ginger juice and Gooseberry juice you will get complete relief.
  • The problem of stammering is overcome with the use of Gooseberry.
  • Gooseberry benefits for stomach – Gooseberry Benefits for Digestion
  • Gooseberry is very good for the stomach. When gastric acid becomes more acidic in the stomach, there is a problem of acidity and the digestive process slows down when it becomes less acidic. Gooseberry maintains the PH level of gastric acid in the stomach.
  • The digestive process is done by taking a spoon Gooseberry Powder on an empty stomach at bedtime or in the morning. This remedy also removes chronic constipation. Gooseberry relieves to a great extent in stomach ulcers, digestion, and gastric problems.

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  • The patient of anemia should take Gooseberry in any form. Vitamin C found in Indian gooseberry helps to add the iron element (iron) found in our food to hemoglobin, so it is best to take gooseberry to increase hemoglobin level.
  • Benefits of gooseberry for hair – gooseberry Powder For Hair Everyone knows how beneficial gooseberry is for hair. Applying Gooseberry a powder to hair mixed with henna makes the hair strong, thick and shiny.
  • If you want, you can apply gooseberry churan by immersing it in water, adding the juice of 1 lemon, to the hair, without henna. Also, the benefits of gooseberry will be available to the hair.
  • Applying this paste of gooseberry churan helps the hair to grow. gooseberry gives moisture to the hair and scalp skin, which reduces the problem of dandruff and hair breakage.
  • Eating gooseberry regularly stops hair loss, hair loss. It is safe to apply a paste made by mixing gooseberry, mehendi, coffee powder or tea water to color white hair. This does not have any side-effect on the hair and keeps the hair healthy.

Caution in the use of gooseberry

Excessive consumption of Gooseberry can cause acidity, diarrhea, so use only in balanced quantities. Drink plenty of water if you are taking gooseberry.

The specialty of Ayurveda is not only to eliminate the symptoms of the disease but also to eliminate the disease from the root. Today, medicines made from Indian gooseberry of Indian Ayurvedic Brands are sold all over the world and millions of people are taking advantage of this.